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Денис (@denis_demchina)
denis_demchina14.04.2019 20:17:56

Enjoy travel with me🔥

Sebastian (@basti.adventure)
basti.adventure14.04.2019 19:00:45

Such a great deal! I need GoPro plus 😉👌🏻

ਨਵੀ ਸਕਾਈਫਾਲ (@navi.skyfall)
navi.skyfall14.04.2019 19:22:18

Tomorrow I want to Replace my Gopro Hero 7 Black 😊😎👍 many issues..like drain battery when power off & voice commands aslo off....Heating up , Freezing while make the video and click pictures....Gopro Team suggested to me use Sandisk Extreme pro but my camera is not working properly. It's new camera 1 month old only ....and why not your GOPRO service center in INDIA ... ???

Darron Raw (@swazidarron)
swazidarron14.04.2019 19:09:53

Bit late... I have destroyed at least 3 GoPros already in the past 😓

Eden Haroni (@eden_haroni)
eden_haroni15.04.2019 07:54:41


Nicola Schito (@nik_theskiz)
nik_theskiz15.04.2019 07:04:09

Impressive 🖤😎

Priyanka D. (@hey.this.is.priya)
hey.this.is.priya15.04.2019 06:10:03

So freaking awesome😍😍

Abhay Renjan™ (@__freebee__)
__freebee__15.04.2019 01:49:35


Jackie Kido (@jacks9696)
jacks969614.04.2019 19:12:36


Mário Jordany (@mariojordany)
mariojordany14.04.2019 19:12:12

Very good!

Moritz K.🤘 Team Gopro🌍 (@moritzgopro)
moritzgopro14.04.2019 19:01:24

Great deal 😁

LAWAK [] HIBURAN TERKINI (@lawak.terok)
lawak.terok16.04.2019 03:59:44

You nak lawak?jom usya ig saya😜👏🏻

Jeslo Simon (@_____jesu)
_____jesu15.04.2019 07:58:35


aashish (@aashishpandia)
aashishpandia15.04.2019 05:25:16

Go pro changed maa life.thanks.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️#goproplus 

IRAN_Destinations (@iran_destinations)
iran_destinations15.04.2019 04:37:06


Travelling Comet (@travelling_comet)
travelling_comet16.04.2019 05:37:41

Wow! ✌🏼

¥♤$€£ (@yosefbabay)
yosefbabay16.04.2019 05:29:19


Joey Garcia (@joeygarciag)
joeygarciag15.04.2019 21:52:42

Wauw what a control

Mathieu Michaux (@mathieu.michaux)
mathieu.michaux15.04.2019 04:59:15


G O K U L (@gokulsaikia)
gokulsaikia15.04.2019 06:41:33

Name of the background music , anybody ? @gopro 

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