Photo of the Day: Waving goodbye to the week with @nuthead__ in Byron Bay. 🇦🇺 Who has tips for #WavePhotography? Share them below. 👇
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Livin’ Life (@socaladrenalinejunkie)
socaladrenalinejunkie12.01.2019 15:33:15

Love the shot. I’d like to start taking photos with the GoPro. Which is a better setting to make sure you get the great shot? Burst or time lapse photo?

Kika Bronger (@kikabronger)
kikabronger12.01.2019 12:52:07

Is there a tutorial somewhere for taking pictures? I use my GoPro 7 for video. I work for a news agency and I like to have it as a second camera and cool/different angles. But I would love to know more about stills!

Charlie worthington (@chester12234)
chester1223412.01.2019 02:38:13

My here session four doesn’t even work, like it doesn’t read the SD card. Can I have any help @gopro 

Charity Macion Musico (@c_musico)
c_musico12.01.2019 01:44:43

I wanna experiment and shoot some night photography with my GoPro 7.... any suggestions on what tripod I should buy?

Σ (@ole_junebug)
ole_junebug11.01.2019 19:52:09

How can I work for Go Pro, I mean this is incredible, yet just another one for you guys

Rawad Maحfouz (@rawadmah)
rawadmah11.01.2019 18:46:41

My gopro hero 7 black photos looks blurry mosy of the time especially on movement why?! @gopro 

Brandon Imbriale (@avg.surfer)
avg.surfer11.01.2019 16:55:46

I use 30/2 burst, ISO 100, EV comp -.5, GoPro color on, sharpness low. I use a @gopole  Evo for a mount. Get in position and hit the shutter button about a second before the wave breaks and follow the wave with your camera. Don't forget to lick and dip before you shoot to avoid water spots 👅📸📸📸

💎 Queening On My Own (@naysasimone_)
naysasimone_11.01.2019 16:26:38

Worst company to ever do business with!!!! I have been waiting for a refund for over 14 days! You have supervisor who given me false information! I have spoken with 7 people who still can’t confirm my refund request! What’s going on GoPro?! Where is your professionalism ? Where is your code of ethics! I am beyond upset

Andrew Philson (@andrew.philson)
andrew.philson11.01.2019 16:19:53

@emmaphilson  expecting photos like this from your weekend

Chris Van Vliet (@chrisvanvliet)
chrisvanvliet11.01.2019 16:16:34

It looks so good it doesn’t even look real!

Russ Bryan (@rbryan77)
rbryan7711.01.2019 16:12:31

🤘I got lost in this photograph. Nice work @nuthead_ 

🇧🇴🇺🇸CHARLIE SALINAS (@charlie_salinas)
charlie_salinas11.01.2019 16:12:24

Goodbye week! Hello birthday weekend 🙌🏻😁!
Awesome shot!! 🤙🏻

Robbie Crawford (@robbiecrawford)
robbiecrawford11.01.2019 16:25:30

Yeah @nuthead__  ... beauty shot bud 👊🏼

Shaun Smith (@smitherspix)
smitherspix11.01.2019 16:18:15

Awesome shot and great share GoPro Ya Nathan 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 @nuthead__ 

ALANA | Travel + Wanderlust (@alanainwanderland)
alanainwanderland11.01.2019 16:11:20

Hope everyone had a swell week!! 😜🌊💙

Reed Nelson (@reed_k_nelson)
reed_k_nelson11.01.2019 17:56:57

Just received my @gopro  hero 7 black in the mail today! Looks sick! Can't wait to fire it up and hit the trails!

Simøne Armanni (@simonearmanni)
simonearmanni11.01.2019 17:00:35

Sooo sick!!🤘🏼🔥

Haylee G (@h.j.g14)
h.j.g1411.01.2019 16:09:20

@rodriguez.six  let's move to the beach❤

Lamberto Pioli (@lambertopioli)
lambertopioli11.01.2019 17:00:17

@_lucapioli_  @edoardogiannelli  dai raccontatemi di quando eravate lì a fare surf!!

Mitch (@mitch_gilmore_)
mitch_gilmore_11.01.2019 17:58:52

Yewwww you legend @nuthead__ 

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