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Mark Z. Nasr (@marknasr1)
marknasr113.01.2019 14:32:36

Helo i have a hero 3 silver what can i do to trade for the new one ?

Alyssa Magliba (ah-lie-zuh) (@alyzaira)
alyzaira12.01.2019 20:12:55

So if I already bought the hero 7 black, but did not know about this trade in deal (I still have my hero 4—great condition), can I still “trade” it in? Or get like store credit or something?

MTNcorps (@mtncorps)
mtncorps12.01.2019 17:24:35

Can I trade 3 of my old GoPro’s for a new one?

Trevor Hughes (@trevorsgoproexplorations)
trevorsgoproexplorations12.01.2019 14:46:23

okay so i bought my GoProHERO7 but still have my HERO5 Black. is there anyway i can sell it to you as you guys are taking trade-ins?

Lorenzo Bonacci (@lorenzo_bonacci_533)
lorenzo_bonacci_53312.01.2019 09:19:32

How bout a hero 2 for 100 bucks off a hero 6?

da surf guy (@surfguydudemanbro)
surfguydudemanbro12.01.2019 09:05:57

Can I trade up with a hero4?!?!

Ed ;) (@ed.nichol)
ed.nichol12.01.2019 07:46:34

is trade up available in the UK?

Dave Lundquist (@dave.lundquist)
dave.lundquist12.01.2019 00:29:43

No love for Canadians with old GoPros?

Nicolas Paris (@nickparis_)
nickparis_11.01.2019 23:26:44

How long will the $100 trade up offer be going on for?

Wash (@bodybyjitsu)
bodybyjitsu11.01.2019 22:13:21

How long will this trade last??

Hernán Noriega Welch (@hernannwelch)
hernannwelch11.01.2019 18:29:04

Where I can do the trade?

Brent Emmons™ (@brent_emmons)
brent_emmons11.01.2019 18:28:20

I’ll gladly trade in my Hero 3 (if it’s part of the deal)

Jonah Bullock (@backflipseveryday)
backflipseveryday11.01.2019 15:59:04

So I have 2 go pros they are go pro hero and session could I trade them both in and have them go to the hero 7

jake (@jbuddy93)
jbuddy9311.01.2019 15:11:07

What about the hero 2?

Michelle DC Peterson (@michelle_dc_peterson)
michelle_dc_peterson11.01.2019 14:00:08

@gopro  does the trade work with GoPro Hero Session? If so, do I need the original packaging like the clear case it came with it? Thanks

Maja Harren (@majaharren)
majaharren11.01.2019 06:26:44

Can I trade up my GoPro Hero Session? 🙌🏼

haleythehuman_11.01.2019 06:10:42

Is it still $100 off if its only a couple months old hero 6?

The Travel Hoggers (@traveloamigo)
traveloamigo11.01.2019 05:41:31

Can i trade white hero 7 for black?

timur_dzn11.01.2019 05:03:09

Is trade up possible worldwide or just in US?

aka DJ Marz One (Marlon Dulay) (@_marzoney_)
_marzoney_11.01.2019 03:55:24

I got an Hero 3+ can I trade that in?

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