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vlopez12310.01.2019 03:38:00

Heyyyyy @gopro  how long is the battery supposed to last for the black? Mines only runs about 3 hrs 😫

Diana Margarita (@mardianin)
mardianin09.01.2019 12:07:35

@gopro  why your warranty doesn't cover water damage if the camera is meant to be on the water? Is my 2nd camera that is damage and you warranty doesn't cover it.

Nik (@nik_g2899)
nik_g289909.01.2019 06:39:23

Are they using a red filter? When is it appropriate to use one? Should I use already for snorkeling on the surface?

Jonty Rush (@jonty.rush)
jonty.rush09.01.2019 03:46:24

What would be a good first GoPro that is cheapish but still has great features?

Jacob Byerly (@jabyerly1)
jabyerly109.01.2019 02:28:14

Can you explain or post a link for quick capture? Is this for the hero 7 black? Still loving and learning mine!

🇨🇦🇨🇦Johnathan🇨🇦🇨🇦 (@johnathan_scubadives_the_world)

What an incredible video!!! I've never used a Gopro before. Would you recommend a hero 7 black or hero 6 black?

Tim in Alaska (@timthetoothninja)
timthetoothninja09.01.2019 01:28:14

Coolest thing I've seen all day👊 @gopro 

Kiwi and Free Family ✈️ TRAVEL (@kiwi_and_free)
kiwi_and_free09.01.2019 00:34:10

Can’t wait to do this 🙌🙌🙌

Kristers Aboltins (@kristersaboltins)
kristersaboltins09.01.2019 00:16:18

Does GoPro 7 Silver has stabilisation as 7 Black?

Jon Lester (@lesterdude)
lesterdude09.01.2019 00:02:51

Can i swap my gopro hero4 for the 7 one? 😂😂🙈🙈

Skylar Haines (@heelsdown_chinup_)
heelsdown_chinup_08.01.2019 23:25:02

What kind of go pro do you recommend for someone who’s looking for something on the cheaper side and new to go pros?

All about Phones ® (@allabout.phones)
allabout.phones08.01.2019 22:52:00

@gopro  how do I takw off the lens cap?

Garrett Gee (@garrettgee)
garrettgee09.01.2019 00:07:28

ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE TOGETHER! @derekhough  @brookslaich 

Jonathan Ragheb (@jonathanragheb)
jonathanragheb08.01.2019 22:48:36

Stop using straws

andreadisalvia08.01.2019 23:17:56

@dick_nisalvia  yoooooo, this is so cool 😍

Krystal          Travel Girl 🌏 (@thetravelbuglife)
thetravelbuglife09.01.2019 05:53:06

This is god damn amazing 🔥💙💙

Amy Purdy (@amypurdygurl)
amypurdygurl09.01.2019 04:07:57

🙌🙌🙌 @derekhough 

Brett Mastromatteo (@brettashleybailey)
brettashleybailey09.01.2019 02:53:46

A dream come true!! Incredible!

June Kiyoko Harper (@pixiebugstudio)
pixiebugstudio09.01.2019 00:22:23

Woah! Look at how close the fin got! I love whales!

cody chase (@extremekiwi__)
extremekiwi__08.01.2019 23:15:39

@gopro  I'm so Keen to become one of your GoProfamily members! It's one of my dreams!! 🤙👌

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