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Trina Renfroe-Hendricks (@scorpiogrl72)
scorpiogrl7210.01.2019 00:04:40

now that is awesome! I just bought the hero 7 black...going to buy new iphone..do both iphone xr & xs work well with App? @gopro  Also, I've only used my gopro a few times and noticed it gets pretty hot..is this normal?

lily kuhlmann;) (@kuhlmann_l4)
kuhlmann_l409.01.2019 02:51:21

I just bought a GoPro! I am super exited about it and really want to film some amazing video of my travels:) any tips? ps I’m in love with it I wanna film all the time!

Taylor Martin (@taylormartin77)
taylormartin7709.01.2019 00:22:41

Wow... I didn’t realize that the comment section doubled as customer support tickets.

fork gang ceo (@nibba_chan_)
nibba_chan_08.01.2019 18:40:56

Um. My go pro freezes every time I shake it a little. Help?

Daniel Laws (@smiler_101)
smiler_10108.01.2019 18:13:38

@gopro  @goprouk  is there anyway to lock the orientation on the hero 7 black because sometimes (not every time) it’s not recognising that it’s mounted under my helmet peak? Then when I edit the orientation in iMovie I think it’s loosing some quality 😳🤷🏼‍♂️

MoHiL P@TeL (@mo_6296)
mo_629608.01.2019 16:54:03

@gopro  I records a slow motion video in my go pro but when I take it that in to my phone it is became simple real time video ...not play as Slow motion as I can see in go pro. Please help .

MoHiL P@TeL (@mo_6296)
mo_629608.01.2019 16:51:57

@gopro  how to take slow motion recorded video in to phone from go pro? ..

nyokiecutz (@nyokiecutz)
nyokiecutz08.01.2019 12:03:16

Blackbars appears below when im in video mode..go pro????..please???

Doyouwanna paragliding (@paragliding_alicante)
paragliding_alicante08.01.2019 08:00:21

My GoPro4 changes from fotos to video after a minute. Any help ?

Karen Wade (@kazlee68)
kazlee6808.01.2019 07:02:30

I’m having issues with turning my GoPro Hero 5 on and off. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this? Off to South America soon and would really like to take this with me

Soni Douglas Sirait (@sonidouglas)
sonidouglas08.01.2019 05:26:23

my gopro only record for 9second and sometime freeze. any suggest?

dream_rosee_08.01.2019 00:56:16

Help! I'm having trouble with my gopro session. I put it to charge and the red light goes on but when I take it off from the charger (after leaving it charging for the night) it is still has an empty battery. Does anyone know why its not charging?

Fernando Cirelli (@f.cirelli)
f.cirelli07.01.2019 20:43:24

Also a drone for recording?? The camera start floating above him at the end

Rory (@rorykramer)
rorykramer08.01.2019 17:24:07

Of course Grubby did this. He’s always next level. @briankgrubb 

Nate Adams (@nateadams741)
nateadams74108.01.2019 01:15:06


Darren berrecloth (@dberrecloth)
dberrecloth08.01.2019 05:18:43

Wtf 🤔

Ezra Oien (@ezraoien)
ezraoien07.01.2019 20:35:28

No way! How strong is that drone?!

Василий Табуреткин (@vasiliitaburetkin)
vasiliitaburetkin07.01.2019 20:58:52

Actually it looks like a fake) So small drone...

Sebastian Stare (@starelation)
starelation07.01.2019 20:36:56

🙌🙌🙌 thx @gopro 

pelvg (@pelayo.vg)
pelayo.vg09.01.2019 14:32:44

@nano_gp  @mlsauras  @sallosa  dron next level!!

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