Photo of the Day: What goes up, gets to come down. #GoProFamily member @coberschneider set a goal + hiked for 90 minutes to achieve it. The reward? A - GoPro (@gopro)
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Bradley villa (@b_vil)
b_vil07.01.2019 18:01:00

What's the biggest difference between hero 7 black and white? Does it have the same quality? @gopro 

Dustin Gibb (@djg2140)
djg214007.01.2019 16:34:02

@gopro  I got a Hero 7 silver recently for snowboarding, but the screen won’t stop freezing. There’s nothing I can do that I’ve tried to fix it and this is a bit disappointing. Is there anyway you guys can help?

Mohammadreza Forouzan (@mr.forouzan)
mr.forouzan07.01.2019 08:07:31

Hi Gopro, if i send you taked picture gopro could you publish?

Rohan H (@rohan_hhhh)
rohan_hhhh07.01.2019 03:54:43

Have a Hero 7 black. What’s better, raw or super photo ?

Lovro Komesar (@lovrokomesar2)
lovrokomesar206.01.2019 22:29:29

Hello GoPro! I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black and I filmed some skiing with it. I have GPS turned on on all of my videos and then put gauges in Quik. But one, proabably the most important video doesn't have GPS data for some reason. I opened it in GoPro App and connected to my GoPro and there it displays speed. Why doesn't GPS data exist on my PC Quik and exists in GoPro App?

slidejump06.01.2019 19:33:39

Hey GoPro! When I was younger and still too broke to afford a camera I won a GoPro in a raffle from a ski shop. I used that to make my first and second full freeboarding video part and your brand has been close to my heart ever since. I just want to thank whoever over there decided to publish a freeboarding video and had enough insight to represent the sport by and large rather than just a single brand. It means more than I can put into words. Thanks @gopro. 

Antje (
antje.ls06.01.2019 17:49:21

I have a question about my GoPro Hero 5 Black, is it possible to turn on EIS? If so how?

Siva Vigneesh (@sivavigneesh)
sivavigneesh06.01.2019 17:42:26

@gopro  is there any way we could trade hero 7 with hero 6? I bought hero 6 and after 1.5 months you have released hero 7.😫. I am lil disappointed.

Lindy Fischer (@lindy.gayle)
lindy.gayle06.01.2019 17:14:17

I have a question for my hero 5 session- is there a way to change the fish eye mode to wide? If so, how?

David Bolt (@d.bolt)
d.bolt06.01.2019 18:02:09

Dumb question. Why are they walking their bikes uphill instead of riding them up what looks like a gentle slope? Bikes not allowed on that trail?

Christoph Oberschneider (@coberschneider)
coberschneider06.01.2019 16:43:37

Thanks @gopro  for another photo of the day! 😊

world-record-egg (@redaofficial1)
redaofficial106.01.2019 16:39:42

Awesome 🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♂️

Ruth | Traveller ↟ Creator (@ruth_hurst)
ruth_hurst06.01.2019 16:38:36

Yeeww send it Sunday!! So dope 💥

Max Jones (@jone.syy)
jone.syy06.01.2019 17:21:49

Snowboarding, powerlifting, marathons, & more!

AlexanderH (@alexandervdhurk)
alexandervdhurk06.01.2019 18:03:53

Ej al die sneeuw is alweer weg! @donnieuti  @grootkoen  @rswanenberg  @bmmjacobs 

Haris Alibašić (@alibasic_haris)
alibasic_haris07.01.2019 21:00:19

@benjamin.macic  strasne slike

Eki Norlan 10 (@eki.norlan)
eki.norlan07.01.2019 04:00:15

@haryaagustian  @s3ti4wan_d  foto bari kieu ah engke mah 😁

Простой человек (@umar_haj_001)
umar_haj_00107.01.2019 14:43:22

Это @mutalibus  и @pozitivchik90  на Кезеное

Javier Lorente (@javylyne)
javylyne07.01.2019 09:30:17

Senderismo bicicletal @alvarocc91  @jmmm2022  @davidpf2015 

Kevin Tenorio (@kevinten0rio)
kevinten0rio07.01.2019 06:37:39


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