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elivks (@elivks)
elivks07.01.2019 04:11:33

Best setup on hero7 for shooting vids when skiing at night?

Lugga (@lucahemmi)
lucahemmi06.01.2019 20:27:50

How long is the Battery of a Hero 4 Black supposed to last?

deanmaxwell (@deanw.maxwell)
deanw.maxwell06.01.2019 19:26:28

How long is a hero 7 black supposed to be able to run on a full charge? 3 batteries doesn't get me through a day of snowboarding which is between 4 and 5 hours, but the camera is always on

Tommy (@_.tommy._m)
_.tommy._m06.01.2019 00:05:28

How do I remove fish eye in post production editing?

Chris.Guitar (@chris.guitar1)
chris.guitar105.01.2019 23:35:26

Does the hero 6 have night mode?

Adnan_Fareed (@adnanfareed70)
adnanfareed7005.01.2019 23:22:28

Just bought hero 7 black, can't wait to record some action.

Mike Brilliant (@mikebrilliant__)
mikebrilliant__05.01.2019 22:34:55

I have an cool night photo of the milky way on my insta but I don’t know if you accept edited photos for GoPro awards?

Matt (@mq_raine)
mq_raine06.01.2019 00:51:06

Amazing night shot! About to have some night adventures this evening 🤞

Jacob Ruytenbeek (@jruytenbeek)
jruytenbeek06.01.2019 00:41:06

Same same, but different. My favorite expression from the UAE!

Joshua Nobile (@jnobile7)
jnobile706.01.2019 03:51:47

@gopro  that caption though😂😂

Bjørn (@bjornmygland)
bjornmygland06.01.2019 13:21:33

You could say ........ It's a night and day difference.

sliperynoodles06.01.2019 02:09:14

I love you for pulling that quote

Jackie Kido (@jacks9696)
jacks969605.01.2019 22:35:05

Absolutely beautiful 🔥😀@nitishwaila  @gopro  ❤️😁

João Ferreira ⚡️ (@joaopedrodesign)
joaopedrodesign05.01.2019 23:03:00

but still same.

Katja ♥ (@katjaluu)
katjaluu05.01.2019 22:35:56


aAffect (@aaffect)
aaffect06.01.2019 00:49:19

That building is insane. . Humans are impressive. . It's like our centuries megalithic structures.. our ancient ruins in the future.

Brodie Smith (@brodiesmith21)
brodiesmith2105.01.2019 22:59:54

Will be there in a couple weeks

• García Carlos • (@carlochoo93)
carlochoo9305.01.2019 22:36:07

@aiybc  ✨✨

Umbert RB (@umbertrb)
umbertrb05.01.2019 22:31:30


Austin Primavera (@avera241)
avera24106.01.2019 17:29:37

@gopro  just got the new 7 black. Battery won’t last when it’s off. Fully charged and never turned on and in my pocket , six hours later I pull it out and it’s completely dead. How does a battery die when it’s never in use?

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