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Marie Curie 👩‍🔬
She was born in Warsaw, in what was then the Zarato of Poland (t
Marie Curie 👩‍🔬 She was born in Warsaw, in what was then the Zarato of Poland (territory administered by the Russian Empire) November 7, 1867. 🔬 She studied clandestinely in the "floating university" of Warsaw and began his scientific training in that city. In 1891, at the age of 24, he followed his older sister Bronisława Dłuska to Paris, where he completed his studies and carried out his most outstanding scientific works. He shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 with his husband Pierre Curie and the physicist Henri Becquerel. Years later, he won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911 alone. Although he received French citizenship and supported his new homeland, he never lost his Polish identity: he taught his daughters his mother tongue and took them to his visits to Poland. He named the first chemical element he discovered, polonium, as his country of origin. 📚 His achievements include the first studies on the phenomenon of radioactivity (a term that she coined herself), techniques for the isolation of radioactive isotopes and the discovery of two elements - polonium and radium. Under his direction, the first studies in the treatment of neoplasms with radioactive isotopes were carried out. He founded the Curie Institute in Paris and in Warsaw, which remain among the main centers of medical research today. During World War I created the first radiological centers for military use. 🗣️ She died in 1934 at the age of 66, at the Sancellemoz sanatorium in Passy, ​​due to aplastic anemia caused by exposure to radiation from test tubes with a radio that he kept in his pockets at work [11] and in the construction of the mobile X-ray units of the First World War.☢️ #charactersbiography@julietazarco
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