us all weekend tbh 😋🍕
#ForeverBabe @chelseyamaro is our spirit animal at any function! Shop our #F21xKODAK Collection, available NOW 🙌 - forever21 (@forever21)
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Julia (@juliavalentino)
juliavalentino14.09.2018 03:07:35

Pq ela usa um top da kodak?

DA ORIGINAL DRIP MUSIC GROUP❗️ (@dillflocka_dodmg)
dillflocka_dodmg14.09.2018 06:09:40

Good, better, best. Never let it rest til your good is better and your better is best.. STAY BLESS AND DO YOUR BEST TO BE THE BEST ❤️🙏🏾😇✍🏾

MM🇵🇦 (
melaniem.sb14.09.2018 03:01:51

There are missing pieces of the collection 😩

Danielle Hugs (@rawrhug)
rawrhug14.09.2018 05:30:08

Are you going to make this for plus size ? @forever21 

Roccio Camacho (@_rroccio)
_rroccio14.09.2018 05:51:20

@irisrabagocastro  pensé que eras tú alv hahaha

alicia teresa (@wheresalicia)
wheresalicia14.09.2018 03:03:55

@eatherbrains  you need her bra

Ennuh Tiu (@ennuhchew)
ennuhchew14.09.2018 14:10:01

Which countries are these available in?

Chidim-mae✨ (@chi__eji)
chi__eji14.09.2018 07:52:21

Do you guys have a coupon code

emma. (@emma.glennalee)
emma.glennalee14.09.2018 03:06:06

Awe chels❤️

Safina ♡ (@safina_ks)
safina_ks15.09.2018 06:03:48

Love it 🧡

Leigh Cardinal (@leigh_cardinal)
leigh_cardinal14.09.2018 07:34:25

@jodesf26  Kodak collection !!!

oneolalekan (@oneolalekan)
oneolalekan14.09.2018 03:04:35


Thaís Santana (@tdsmds)
tdsmds14.09.2018 12:25:13

Não existe modelo com peito não? Ou as roupas de vocês só tem tamanho pra tabua?

🌻 🚲💌 (@casabellasmith_)
casabellasmith_14.09.2018 07:15:42

can u ship clothing to nz?

Katie Sequichie🤪 (@katie.sequichie)
katie.sequichie14.09.2018 04:32:06

Chess you made it !!

إيمان رستم الشمالي (@eman_al_shamali)
eman_al_shamali14.09.2018 14:07:20

@forever21  do we have this collection in the Middle East ?

chris duncan (@vancity_swag_604)
vancity_swag_60414.09.2018 23:19:12

Awrsome shot 👍👍👍👍

Rozнιɴ (@greengirl_rozh)
greengirl_rozh14.09.2018 11:37:04

could you please follow me?🖤🖤

GOT CHU BOO JEWELLERY (@got_chu_boo)
got_chu_boo14.09.2018 08:40:02

Yummm now I want pizza! 😍

yaboisyd (@sydney._.megan)
sydney._.megan14.09.2018 03:03:19

Please follow mee

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