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Kaleia Branch (@kaleiab)
kaleiab14.03.2018 21:14:29

@4eva.bitchy  News flash, skinny doesn’t always equal healthy and plus sized doesn’t always equal unhealthy.

yerrrr🤬 (@iamemilyyb)
iamemilyyb14.03.2018 21:26:46


yerrrr🤬 (@iamemilyyb)
iamemilyyb14.03.2018 21:26:56

@darkmermaidaly  yes

V A L E R I A (@valeria_delgado_)
valeria_delgado_14.03.2018 21:27:00

@forever21  look her eye

Jp Perera (@juanpablopg)
juanpablopg14.03.2018 21:28:16

Yo @sebastiancabrices 

Jennifer Bowen (@jbo53)
jbo5314.03.2018 21:31:42

@swiedt12  this is a real ad

ditherher14.03.2018 21:35:10

@samanthaschonborn  QuÉ Desagradable

nic :) ★♤ ♪ (@nicolewagner84)
nicolewagner8414.03.2018 21:36:48

makeup goals

andrea lopez (@andrea_argueta_)
andrea_argueta_14.03.2018 21:40:26


YOSEF ZARUVABELI (@yzaruvabeli)
yzaruvabeli14.03.2018 21:46:26

@_jazz06_  umm that is not nice don’t call people in public obesity! THAT is not nice! Ur happy for hurting someone feelings! Very rude!

Corra (@corra.t)
corra.t14.03.2018 21:59:15

@pyrlakeml  I feel bad you have to spread hate to get attention. There’s other ways! She’s beautiful and your probably jealous because your insecure.

taylor.t (@fresh_kid_1000)
fresh_kid_100014.03.2018 22:01:15

@greenwithenvy__  that's what I said

Georgia Whiley (@georgia_whiley5)
georgia_whiley514.03.2018 22:04:03

@brandon_field_  when you skip head day

cavdgzmn14.03.2018 22:05:38


harileen (@harileen.vb)
harileen.vb14.03.2018 22:07:12

@norvin_pol  love pa jpon ko nimo bisag mo ingon ani nako gdak.on? 😆 Or would you still allow nga mag mag twopiece ko?

Diego Jaramillo (@diegojara1209)
diegojara120914.03.2018 22:07:53

@elmaxdiaz  JAJAJAJA que asco

charlie gladu (@charlie_gladu)
charlie_gladu14.03.2018 22:12:58


Rachael Lobodin (@rachaellouise76)
rachaellouise7614.03.2018 22:14:22

@cinsycindy  I totally agree. Any doctor will say overweight isn’t healthy.

M A R C E L O ✞ (@marcelo_villacres)
marcelo_villacres14.03.2018 22:16:25


Samantha DS (@samanthaschonborn)
samanthaschonborn14.03.2018 22:30:20

@ditherher  groseroteeee! Jajaja a las gorditas nadie las quiere! 😂

Tiera (@cosmetologygirl07)
cosmetologygirl0714.03.2018 22:30:53

Thick or thin either way doesn't matter she's beautiful. Everyone's body is beautiful in its own way.👍🥂

shpam acc✨ (@trashyjesslyn)
trashyjesslyn14.03.2018 22:32:16


Blake Porter (@blake12porter)
blake12porter14.03.2018 22:33:56

This is sick, horrible, and just plain unhealthy. How could people support someone for their terrible lifestyle and bad decisions?

Tris Penland (@trispenland7)
trispenland714.03.2018 22:36:28

@blake12porter  how does this woman have a terrible lifestyle based off of what exactly? Are you a medical professional?

Tris Penland (@trispenland7)
trispenland714.03.2018 22:36:56

@paolafvt  jealous much?

Tris Penland (@trispenland7)
trispenland714.03.2018 22:37:15

@vjlove1218  tell him 🤗

Tris Penland (@trispenland7)
trispenland714.03.2018 22:38:09

@4eva.bitchy  in what way does this look unhealthy? She isn’t obese at all! Moveeeee onnnnnnn

Blake Porter (@blake12porter)
blake12porter14.03.2018 22:38:58

I am not a medical professional, but it is clear that she is overweight and maybe obese, which is NEVER a healthy lifestyle

Ayden (@ayden_hadley)
ayden_hadley14.03.2018 22:47:03


Tris Penland (@trispenland7)
trispenland714.03.2018 22:49:02

@blake12porter  it’s called PLUS SIZE and it’s natural. Not all women have tiny bodies. Some people are born thicker. Men and women.

Merz ✌ (@eemilymerzz)
eemilymerzz14.03.2018 22:58:07

@blake12porter  so what if it is? That doesn't make her any less beautiful

Merz ✌ (@eemilymerzz)
eemilymerzz14.03.2018 22:58:57

@66nena  cellulite is normal, everyone has it.

Blake Porter (@blake12porter)
blake12porter14.03.2018 23:01:33

@eemilymerzz  so what you’re saying is that beauty comes before health? Is that right?

Merz ✌ (@eemilymerzz)
eemilymerzz14.03.2018 23:02:23

@blake12porter  That's actually not what I'm saying... I'm just saying that you don't have to be 'healthy' to be beautiful

Brandon Field (@brandon_field_)
brandon_field_14.03.2018 23:03:04

@georgia_whiley5  😂😂

Merz ✌ (@eemilymerzz)
eemilymerzz14.03.2018 23:03:16

@blake12porter  every body is beautiful, no matter their medical history

BigT-Youtube (@bigtyoutube)
bigtyoutube14.03.2018 23:05:08


S A Y (@xxsay_marquez)
xxsay_marquez14.03.2018 23:07:56


ʟ ɪ ᴢ ᴇ ᴛ  ᴀ ɢ ᴜ ɪ ʟ ᴀ ʀ💃🏻 (@aguilaarliz)
aguilaarliz14.03.2018 23:10:55


Letícia Dias (@letdiash)
letdiash14.03.2018 23:14:48

@gabrielareisg  olha que bonita, queria ser assim

Michael Basiliere (@epicdragon1221)
epicdragon122114.03.2018 23:17:55

Omg I thought this was fake.. 😂😂

Maximiliano Díaz (@elmaxdiaz)
elmaxdiaz14.03.2018 23:18:39

@diegojara1209  no mames eso no es normal

🌻 Myia 🌻 (@summerslilangel)
summerslilangel14.03.2018 23:24:38

@hot_mumma_in_progress  this swim suit is so pretty!!!

reah (@hot_mumma_in_progress)
hot_mumma_in_progress14.03.2018 23:28:42

@summerslilangel  Can I Have Her Body Too?

Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:29:14

@blake12porter  what is your point here? She's selling clothes hellooo. Women of every shapes are buying those clothes... are you saying that those "not healthy Women" (as you call them and I still don't understand why cause being healthy does not mean having abs - as having abs looks really important to you) should not appear in clothes publicity? Since she is not having an "healthy lifestyle" (according to you) she should not appear in clothes publicity?? She should not be modeling? She should not be happy about herself? ... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

🌻 Myia 🌻 (@summerslilangel)
summerslilangel14.03.2018 23:30:06

@hot_mumma_in_progress  believe it or not you do have that body

Makayla 💖🦄 (@makay_315)
makay_31514.03.2018 23:32:41

@blake12porter  you have no right to comment something like that. being healthy doesn’t mean having abs or a skinny body. some people are larger than other people. no one has the perfect body. having a larger body doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. stop trying to bring people down for their bodies

Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:36:06

@blake12porter  what you are saying is so wrong ... this is really unrespecfull. What is sick and horrible is people degrading other based on their appearance, just because they don't meet their personal criterias 🤢🤢🤢

Gabi (@gabrielareisg)
gabrielareisg14.03.2018 23:48:03

@letdiash  você é linda le, do seu jeito!

Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:50:05


Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:50:26

@forever21  @forever21plus 

Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:50:44


Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am14.03.2018 23:52:38

@forever21  @forever21plus 

Fatema Promy (@stopstressingmeout)
stopstressingmeout14.03.2018 23:53:46

@his_dankness_chris  but she thicc

Myriam👯‍♀️ (@mei_li_am)
mei_li_am15.03.2018 00:01:57

@m_a_d_i_s_e_n  I wanna cry and I am so angry at those ppl saying horrible things 😣😔

Ellen Horttanainen (@ellenhorttanainen)
ellenhorttanainen15.03.2018 00:03:17

@ariana_samija  then why didn't u state the facts in the first place instead of commenting what u did?

ŁilⅯikey₲ (@lilmikeyg)
lilmikeyg15.03.2018 00:04:12


Cameron Kerr (@_cameron.kerr)
_cameron.kerr15.03.2018 00:20:05

@ariana_samija  Its a mirror, anyone can fit in a frame just step back you idiot. People are obese and it is an issue. She is not. What she is doing is promoting natural size which is something that not all girls want to live their lives thinking they need to control. Sick people like you make this seem as if this is something women should spend time worrying about things like these when they don't. You are the reason for the real issue which is women and depression from your comments, girls growing up believing they're not as beautiful as any other girl people they have some more flesh on a body part. Fix your head you self centered degenerate.

Cameron Kerr (@_cameron.kerr)
_cameron.kerr15.03.2018 00:27:42

@_grungenroses_  but they aren't promoting obesity, they're promoting natural size that some girls don't want to have to spend their lives thinking about because they shouldn't. Obesity isn't okay but there is a large portion of women that don't want to have to think about their natural thigh size. They're simply trying to stop promoting girls that starve themselves to look skinny or to have a flat stomach and stick legs.

Makeup Lover 💄 🇲🇽🇺🇸 (@ahitsmakeup)
ahitsmakeup15.03.2018 00:39:06

@diegojara1209  tipejos como tu (y tu compadre ese dándote por tu lado) expresándose así de una mujer dan asco.

Andrea Mejía (@andrea_mejia30)
andrea_mejia3015.03.2018 01:26:29

@solanyiicalero98  sos tan bella 😭😭

pyrlakeml15.03.2018 01:38:14

@corra.t  I feel bad that you are projecting lol. I didn't use the F word; all I said was unflattering and that is my honest opinion. Jealous of what exactly? Lol her clothes are ill-fitting? Please😭😘

Da & Dea (@vidaedea)
vidaedea15.03.2018 01:57:47

Anyways We should not embrace unhealthy lifestyle, I know everyone cannot have a Barbie doll body but this is not the kind of role model we want to have either.
Congratulations on the confidence and beautiful eyes, but if I am looking like this with this swimsuit I would never buy it.

__anamaya15.03.2018 02:21:17

babi @athirahzais 

mallory friedman (@mauioh)
mauioh15.03.2018 02:29:55

@vidaedea  if you knew her, you would know that she struggled with mental health from her difficulty staying at a “socially acceptable” weight- and that now she is very healthy both mentally and physically! She still exercises and eats healthy and maintains a positive perspective about plus size modeling and being comfortable in her skin

reah (@hot_mumma_in_progress)
hot_mumma_in_progress15.03.2018 03:49:40

@summerslilangel  wheres it hiding?

🌻 Myia 🌻 (@summerslilangel)
summerslilangel15.03.2018 03:52:34

@hot_mumma_in_progress  underneath the veil of insecurities you wear <3

Annis :) (@annissalwa)
annissalwa15.03.2018 07:03:31

@harraffarrah  otak kau

Katarina (@kata_samija)
kata_samija15.03.2018 11:33:59

@ses_ream  There is a reason people want to lose weight and its not just because they want to look appealing but want to be healthier and not get tired after walking up a flight of stairs. A factor is also the what i said being “pretty” but then again find me a nice guy who wants to get married to a woman who can’t take care of herself. P.S I’m not saying fat is a few kilos over the standard weight I’m talking about the weight of this model can NOT be a healthy weight for a woman her age she might not have problems now but her chances at getting different disease are much higher. “About 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese” An interesting article to read for more info. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/health-risks-overweight

Beth Kinsey (@bethy.boo.bear)
bethy.boo.bear15.03.2018 12:17:37

@summerslilangel  ^ I'm loving this positivity

Sierra Ream (@ses_ream)
ses_ream15.03.2018 12:56:40

@kata_samija  The thing though is that you don’t know her weight, you’re just assuming (like stereotypes). You have no idea if she is at a healthy weight or not. She could just look a lot bigger then the scale actually says. Also the first two things you were saying have no correlation to what we were talking about.

Corra (@corra.t)
corra.t15.03.2018 15:03:16

@pyrlakeml  ok first of all I never said that you said the “f” word. And second your “opinion” is rude and hateful so keep it to yourself. I’m all about giving your opinion unless it’s not beneficial at all. Spreading hate is not helpful or beneficial to anything or anyone. Your what’s wrong with today’s society. Shaming woman for wearing what they want is disgusting.

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija15.03.2018 15:37:50

@ses_ream  It has every correlation since your main argument is that you should love your body. And I think we ALL could tell that she is overweight. Why else would there be such an outstanding amount of debate in the comment section... jeez. If you read an actual health article (not the bs that the media tells you) then you would see that even being 20 lbs over your proportioned weight could have a negative impact on your body. PS I have nothing against you ses_ream I am just trying to have a debate so please don’t take anything personally.. I find your argument interesting nevertheless. @kata_samija 

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija15.03.2018 15:42:00

@_cameron.kerr  The only argument needed: She did not get fat from eating fruits and veggies. There what else do u want from me? And I could tell your running out of arguments since you decided to take the cowards way of offending me not my stated opposition.

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija15.03.2018 15:45:58

@ellenhorttanainen  you definitely wouldn’t of have listened to the facts if I stated them first. @ughisabela 

Amaris Samija (@0aristocracy0)
0aristocracy015.03.2018 17:13:17


Lydia Hynd ♧ (@lydiahynd)
lydiahynd15.03.2018 17:43:39

@nathchmcd9  sorry I don’t speak Spanish but what that translated to was “I do not do something beautiful hahaha, everyone” ??

isis (@ughisabela)
ughisabela15.03.2018 17:50:00

@ariana_samija  you still haven’t answered my question. Lemme state it again. Why do you say “ew”?

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija15.03.2018 18:10:13

@ughisabela  she doesn’t look good in the bathing suit (don’t get triggered that is my second amendment right to state my opinion😉)

pyrlakeml15.03.2018 18:41:33

@corra.t  first of all, just because you can't accept someone else' opinions doesn't make it hateful; lol second, it is unflattering and it is what people with eyes should be able to see. If you are sugar coating it, obviously you are the problem not me. Last, You are every bit of what is wrong with today's society: sub-par standard with inability to get a reality check. Why don't you show by example by keeping your opinions to yourself if you can't come to conclusion that everyone has their own opinion? Lol

pyrlakeml15.03.2018 18:45:04

@corra.t  and to have a discipline about food intake and regular exercise regime is definitely BETTER than having a deluded view of unflattering body type for women. Of course you wouldn't understand because you are still hung up on what is healthy. 😭😘

🌻 Myia 🌻 (@summerslilangel)
summerslilangel15.03.2018 19:09:06

@bethy.boo.bear  thanks Darl, She's my mum gotta keep her self confidence up ❤️

Serena Jolie (@serenaajolie)
serenaajolie15.03.2018 19:13:29

What models do you have ion understand

Corra (@corra.t)
corra.t15.03.2018 21:20:13

@pyrlakeml  do you personally know her? No. Do you log her everyday meals. No. So how the heck do you know that she had bad eating habits. And your opinion is hate. And no sticking up for woman who want to be comfortable in their clothing is not what’s wrong with today’s society. You need to do research and THEN have a debate. You have nothing to back you up😂 you sound VERY uneducated. So talk to me when you’ve gained some knowledge. ✌🏼 😘

Cameron Kerr (@_cameron.kerr)
_cameron.kerr15.03.2018 21:20:36

@ariana_samija  Honestly just think and don't be so stubborn for a moment. Eating fruits and vegetables won't make you skinny either you imbecile. She is a size she wants to be and she's allowed to be. They're expressing to girls that it's OK to be big. Low life's, like yourself, should stop being so ignorant stop being so rude stop being so judgemental and let people be who they want to. You're as dumb as your fcking president.

Corra (@corra.t)
corra.t15.03.2018 21:22:32

@pyrlakeml  until you sound less ignorant and have better knowledge I won’t be responding back

fakegirlsfvckya (@fakegirlsfvckya)
fakegirlsfvckya15.03.2018 21:26:42

That's not pretty

Orialys Teran🍟 (@orialysst1)
orialysst115.03.2018 23:05:45


Mac G 🤘🏻 (@mac.and.gs)
mac.and.gs15.03.2018 23:12:23

@noelcrystal6  this type of comment is so ignorant. She IS plus size and that’s a fact. No it doesn’t make her any less but when people are claiming “all sizes are beautiful” but then turn around say “she’s not a big size” that’s just trying to push aside facts.

crystal (@noelcrystal6)
noelcrystal615.03.2018 23:21:21

@mac.and.gs  it’s not at all ignorant. She’s beautiful and doesn’t need to be labeled as “plus size”. Keep your negativity to yourself

pyrlakeml15.03.2018 23:54:11

@corra.t  hahahahah said a person who scroll casually through so many comments to instigate a dispute with me FIRST. Ok, wow I am so bothered that you won't respond back😭

pyrlakeml16.03.2018 00:00:54

@corra.t  I know your type very well. And you sound very educated and sophisticated NOT😭 I don't need to know her calorie intake and workout regime to the T to know what type of lifestyle she lives; just like I don't need to see you in person to know you grow up in under poverty neighbourhood who suffers a SJW complex to feel important. Lol don't try to escalate it to "shaming women for what they wear" issue. If you love her look so much you can go left to line up at McDonald's too. But judging by your violent reaction, you probably eat there anyways.

pyrlakeml16.03.2018 00:02:23

I don't have to back myself up. The evidence is in the pudding. Let me dumb it down for you @corra.t  you are what you eat.

Taylor Jovanovich (@taylorjovo)
taylorjovo16.03.2018 01:36:08

You look great hunty- keep workin’ it! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🔥💕 would definitely buy that swim suit, so cute!

Melissa (@melisagarder)
melisagarder16.03.2018 02:36:02

@vidaedea  Just my honest opinion: i think youre half right and half wrong because it is not their choice or their choice of food to be an over weight person. Although they eat healthy and workout, they gain weight because they may have insulin resistance, thyroid disease or something else. You are right: we should not embrace unhealthy lifestyle but not every overweight people are unhealthy. These kind of people want to see these kind of models to embrace their BODY like @theashleygraham  which I, personally, appreciate it. These models dont have to be YOUR role model but they are role models for the people like her to not get depressed and even further commit suicide. Think about it this way: African-american people want to see more african american people in, for example, TV. Why? Because they want to see more people with their nationality which is right and I completely support them. The simplest example: Black Panther (the movie). Nobody would want to feel unwelcome in anywhere. In any religion, race, colour, body type it does not matter. I’m so sorry if I bothered you and I appreciate that you gave your opinion which I partially agree. But I also wanted to give my opinion on this because it’s all about the respect, right

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija16.03.2018 04:17:30

@_cameron.kerr  I don’t know what you are trying to achieve here. First you are not going to change my mind and you are being a big baby bc you are offending me and not my points. PS you idiot I have a female president I don’t even live in the fcking US you imbecile. So why don’t you just let me state my opinion like (sadly)you could state your. #yourtriggered 

Cameron Kerr (@_cameron.kerr)
_cameron.kerr16.03.2018 06:25:26

@ariana_samija  I'm saying be more open about your opinion. And low life's like you do make me "triggered" as a 4 year old would say.

≪ ᴀʀɪᴀɴᴀ ≫ (@ariana_samija)
ariana_samija16.03.2018 07:18:41

@ughisabela  Because I’m expressing my opinion.....

Iѕαвєℓℓα (@foreverisabella)
foreverisabella16.03.2018 11:01:37

@krldrs  ne des ist halt echt zu viel !!

💲🌁🇺🇸VTGH 🇻🇳💵💲 (@vutrangiahansf372)
vutrangiahansf37216.03.2018 12:08:54

@hius.hius2310  your wife?

Ana Elisa (@anaah_branco)
anaah_branco16.03.2018 12:08:59

@lidiarangelbm  aqui por perto eu nunca vi @thamyslife  espero que venha pra cá ❤️

💖 (@andyleksieva)
andyleksieva16.03.2018 15:20:33

@a_manolova  P.O. skoro ti s tiq pizi

💖 (@andyleksieva)
andyleksieva16.03.2018 15:20:42

@a_manolova  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

a_manolova16.03.2018 15:25:38

@andyleksieva  Abe tiho😂😂😂😂

💖 (@andyleksieva)
andyleksieva16.03.2018 15:26:18

@a_manolova  kvo tiho cql NARod razbra

a_manolova16.03.2018 15:26:21

@andyleksieva  ne trqbva da znaqt za picite🤫🤫🤫🤫😂😂

melania blandon (@melaniablandon)
melaniablandon16.03.2018 15:40:43

Amo esta marca porque ama ala mujer en si no importa como sea la contextura de su cuerpo la respeta por lo que es un ser humano bello

Narin Kaya (@n.a.ri.n)
n.a.ri.n16.03.2018 16:41:26

i’m not gonna say anything about the body, but can we just talk about the eyes?

sonofthewest_16.03.2018 16:53:24


שלומות, פודינג הוא שמי. (@iampudding._.13)
iampudding._.1316.03.2018 17:44:02

I seriously don’t understand why people are so mad at this. All I see is a confident and rather BEAUTIFUL woman and if you’re gonna judge her based on stupid irrelevant stereotypes then just keep it to yourself.

vane_ivette1516.03.2018 21:36:16

@fakegirlsfvckya  stupid, should to be sad of yoursel. All the woman's us beautiful. She don't need your opinion. Thanks

fakegirlsfvckya (@fakegirlsfvckya)
fakegirlsfvckya16.03.2018 21:40:14

@vane_ivette15  😂😂😂😂 she is beautiful, obesity is not cute or healthy 😉

vane_ivette1516.03.2018 21:43:36

@fakegirlsfvckya  learn to critic in another place, not here. for people as you..is the reason than the world this..like this. For your blame.

🥑🖤•K™ (@huneysuckle.k)
huneysuckle.k16.03.2018 21:45:57

Ooo thicc💗😋

fakegirlsfvckya (@fakegirlsfvckya)
fakegirlsfvckya16.03.2018 21:47:05

@vane_ivette15  hahahahahahaahahahahqhahqhqhahahahhahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 okay girl, that affects you? it's wrong that you defend a global problem 🤔

vane_ivette1516.03.2018 21:51:57

@fakegirlsfvckya  don't we argue more, but if I go to say something. nobody is perfect..neather you...okay?,

fakegirlsfvckya (@fakegirlsfvckya)
fakegirlsfvckya16.03.2018 21:53:11

Who is talking about perfection? I speak of a global disease that this brand is overlapping

(Eylah) (@elle.millard)
elle.millard17.03.2018 01:27:37

Loving this natural beauty! 😍😍

Michelle Nicole Yonfong (@eyesabovethewaves)
eyesabovethewaves17.03.2018 02:37:56

@greenwithenvy__  looks almost photoshopped just saying

ahorra_gastando (@ahorra_gastando)
ahorra_gastando17.03.2018 07:33:14

Ellesa natural..!!

Noface (@notthemomma4)
notthemomma417.03.2018 08:54:09

@notthemomma4  oh and go right ahead and attack my spelling errors I you want to, idc! I’m currently cooking breakfast for my 9 year old daughter. While typing this. You better believe I’m raising my daughters to have more Couth than you apparently have.

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