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Leave the weekend wide open. 🙌
#Ford #FordRanger #FordTrucks #TruckLife - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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Kirk2027 (@kirk20275763)
kirk2027576307.10.2019 21:51:07

Yeah nice truck, are we ever going to see what the alleged new Bronco is going to look like????? At this point I'm getting a 2002 Thunderbird vibe with this thing.

Anthony (@antmaster5)
antmaster504.10.2019 19:29:06

Love my 2019 Ranger❤️

Brett Forman (@formanglobal)
formanglobal04.10.2019 18:52:08

Just got my first one and lvn it!

17🔐🥶 (@javichu_sf)
javichu_sf04.10.2019 16:00:39


Abdul Basit Awan (@hussain__basit)
hussain__basit04.10.2019 17:07:37


Yessenia Santana (@yessie_yess01)
yessie_yess0104.10.2019 16:58:34


Richard A. Thiel Jr. (@thieljr._r)
thieljr._r04.10.2019 16:58:29

Do the rear seats fold all the way down to allow storage on top of them along the entire back area? Thank you.

grk_taz04.10.2019 17:08:07

Diesel please. $5 gas and my #sportTrac  is getting tired #houseofsporttracs 

Ali Rahimi (@ali.raahimi)
ali.raahimi04.10.2019 17:14:17


masood_alavi04.10.2019 17:12:27

Fantastic 🚘 💯

Eric G. Hill (@erichill3440)
erichill344004.10.2019 17:19:52

Where's the 2 door no cab 8 foot bed ranger. 4x4 v6. No 2 door rangers??? Anynore?

Jacques Morin (@bunge_burkley)
bunge_burkley04.10.2019 16:57:50

Does the Ranger Raptor come in a manual transmission??

Miko Sinai (@mksinai)
mksinai04.10.2019 16:48:44


Hampus Thor (@hampusthor)
hampusthor04.10.2019 16:38:04

Looks like church bench in the back

Ayla (@aylaa305)
aylaa30504.10.2019 16:54:45


Nolan Heintz (@nolan_he)
nolan_he04.10.2019 16:43:33

I kinda like the ranger BUT; it needs a V6 option , a diesel option, and it shouldn't be almost the price of an F150

RegivaldoEmpreiteiro (@regivaldomagalhaes)
regivaldomagalhaes04.10.2019 16:47:06

❤️❤️❤️ Nem gosto de ver essa maravilha

Snap:tobifallas7 (@tobifallas)
tobifallas04.10.2019 16:45:21

😍😍😍 Es hermosa

☤            🦁            ☤ (@supre_me19)
supre_me1904.10.2019 16:33:13


A N N I É 🌻 (@anna_frate)
anna_frate04.10.2019 17:21:42


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