The road is yours. The GT500 is ready to dominate.
#Ford #FordMustang #ShelbyGT500 #FordNAIAS #NAIAS2019
*Pre-production model shown. Optional - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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FOOD AND INFO (@foodninfo)
foodninfo21.02.2019 02:37:21


Francisco Chávez (@fraciscochavez672)
fraciscochavez67221.02.2019 06:11:52


Johnny Tong (@evergreatestjt)
evergreatestjt21.02.2019 10:54:33

Hi, I bought a brand new Mustang 2 months ago and the airbag warning light has always been on. I took the car back to the dealership and took them a few days to find out it’s the cord spring behind the steering wheel that causes the trouble. They also told me I probably have wait for 3months to get the replacement part. I said I need the car to work and I don’t feel safe and confident to drive the car everyday knowing if there was an accident, the airbags won’t deploy whatsoever. The service manager there told me that how could people survive in the 70s when there were no airbags and people still drive old cars with no airbags today. If I knew not all Mustangs come with airbags, I would probably buy a Camaro.... please help me or that’s the kind of attitude I should expect from such a world renowned car manufacturer?

AngeloFrascolla (@angelofrascolla)
angelofrascolla21.02.2019 17:24:44

Follow me please ❤️❤️💪💪💪

Ford_gm (@my_is_fs)
my_is_fs21.02.2019 17:58:54

We want crown Victoria 😡😡

waffles5600 (@waffles5600)
waffles560022.02.2019 00:08:36

But does this one crash into crowds tho?

taco_crunch22.02.2019 00:21:17

Have y'all seen the metal gear ad for the ford

Rob Frye (@lobertojo)
lobertojo22.02.2019 00:56:57

Let @thestradman  buy a new Ford GT!!!

Eve (@alexi.sarabia)
alexi.sarabia22.02.2019 02:45:36


Elijah (@etm.04)
etm.0422.02.2019 02:46:56

Your cars are simply amazing

W3bBy (@__w3bby__)
__w3bby__22.02.2019 02:58:33

The Presidents’ Day commercial says that we are a democracy. This is not true. We are a republic. Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence does it mention that we are a democracy.

Bradly Castleberry (@bradcastleberry)
bradcastleberry22.02.2019 07:01:01

💯💯💯 Love my f150

Andre_Giova99®️ (@andre_giova99)
andre_giova9922.02.2019 08:21:03

Like for like?

peyman ghassemi (@ghassemi.peyman)
ghassemi.peyman22.02.2019 10:40:42

The car only ford , only , do you understand ?

🔰أحمد الفيتوري|Ahmed alfitore (@m.g._.medo)
m.g._.medo22.02.2019 11:13:07


No Tags (@notagsapparel)
notagsapparel22.02.2019 14:55:35


Evandro Clemente (@evandroclemente3)
evandroclemente322.02.2019 15:43:47

#ficaford  #SBC  #Brasil  🇧🇷🙏🏼👊🏼

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