Use #RoadTripRewind to share your most memorable road trip experience with us, and you might get the chance to relive that trip in an all-new 2020 For - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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jerel (@wipp_halo)
wipp_halo10.01.2019 20:22:44

Hate for someone to loose their job but Ford needs to fix this out dated thinking backwards 2020 Ford explorer. 2011-2019 looks better y'all screwed up👏 thanks alot👌😭😭

andrew echaniz (@andrew_echaniz)
andrew_echaniz10.01.2019 20:18:39

Ford Go Further

Juicy (@juicyface_1)
juicyface_110.01.2019 20:18:59

@ford  2001 Ford and still running like a champ! Zion, ALL along the California coast, Sequoia National Park!

K A R S T E N | from Germany 📍 (@k.ramsauer)
k.ramsauer10.01.2019 19:59:24

Fantastic shot and awesome work 😲📷👍

WAEL. (@wael_esam23)
wael_esam2310.01.2019 19:57:55


Grannté (@_gkuhlwein_)
_gkuhlwein_10.01.2019 20:50:28

That’s not a 2020 Ford Explorer in the picture.

khushboo (@khushboo_kathak)
khushboo_kathak11.01.2019 05:54:52

Amazing photography 😘😘😘😘

Matthew Trudeau Photography (@matthewtrudeauphotography)
matthewtrudeauphotography10.01.2019 22:20:51

Love this photo!

Adriana Tafolla (@doryswims)
doryswims10.01.2019 21:01:22

@kingdavid83.dv  babe they shared our picture!😊

parvaneh (@parvaneh___51)
parvaneh___5110.01.2019 20:54:43


Murad (@murad.250)
murad.25010.01.2019 20:46:57


Ö M E R - Y O L D A Ş 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (@0meryoldass2134)
0meryoldass213410.01.2019 20:42:18

Wow incredible 💎💎💎❤️❤️🙌

👷alireza‍‌‌👷‌ (@alireza.mahmoodi.1990)
alireza.mahmoodi.199010.01.2019 20:31:04


Max V (@airmaxfivezero)
airmaxfivezero10.01.2019 20:18:43

So disappointed in the new look. Looks so basic now. Soccer mom?

Joe Carter (@cars_with_joe)
cars_with_joe10.01.2019 20:18:15

Do you have any plans of bringing it to Europe?

Lívia Marina (@liviamarinleite)
liviamarinleite10.01.2019 20:10:09


Ebert Auto (@ebertauto)
ebertauto10.01.2019 19:58:19

Awesome shot love the giant sequoias 🙌🙌

ســـارائـی🌸 (@saaraaeei)
saaraaeei10.01.2019 19:57:10


Sam (@samkilpatrick1)
samkilpatrick110.01.2019 19:56:25


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