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DONI (@liridonqosja)
liridonqosja10.01.2019 06:26:04

I love it .

Kike (@kike_bmi)
kike_bmi10.01.2019 03:37:28

Amazing SUV👏👏👏

codac1121 (@codac1121)
codac112110.01.2019 02:54:35

I love FORD

Elias Martinez Jr. (@chicoconcarne)
chicoconcarne10.01.2019 00:32:58

Literally stuck a tablet on the dash.

Walter J. Chesla (@wjchesla)
wjchesla10.01.2019 00:32:18

I like it. Now show me what I really want...#Bronco2020 

Cameron Brand (@cameron_1238)
cameron_123810.01.2019 00:43:21

I love fords but WTF is that screen. Looks like a docked iPad. Whatever happened to building around the screen. Rather than some thing sticking out of the dash.

wipp (@wipp_halo)
wipp_halo10.01.2019 00:39:23

@ford  no more changes please stay true to what you have I own an explorer that Rover look is on point look at your numbers I'm sure they don't lie

Max V (@airmaxfivezero)
airmaxfivezero10.01.2019 00:36:15

Love Ford but that screen looks cheap and ridiculous. Screens started with out of the dash screens and went to the much better indash screens (way better) and now car makers are doing this cheap look screens sitting there like you just connected an iPad on your dash. Horrible

Chase N. Crook (@crookster06)
crookster0610.01.2019 00:44:43

I just wanna see the new bronco. that is all.

Phil Puhl (@philly_chees3)
philly_chees310.01.2019 00:33:17

Ughhhhhh I must say it looks cheap.

Corey Ribey (@ribecor123)
ribecor12310.01.2019 00:32:08

That’s a clean lookin car if I ever saw one

Kevin (@kevinxpodesta)
kevinxpodesta10.01.2019 00:41:28

It looks like it has the body of a Chevy traverse

carleton candis (@carletoncandis)
carletoncandis10.01.2019 12:38:44

2 thumbs way up

Augusto Cavalcante (@augusto_m.cavalcante)
augusto_m.cavalcante10.01.2019 00:35:40

Oh my God, that's a beautiful thing. 👌👌👌👌👌

فورد العربية Ford Arabia (@ford.3ooo)
ford.3ooo10.01.2019 00:44:37

Ford 😍😭❤

Jason (@parrotsandpotatoes)
parrotsandpotatoes10.01.2019 01:52:55

Is that center screen a joke???

19pauly10.01.2019 02:06:56

I don’t like anything about this new design...nothing at all.👎🏼

Felipe F F Ribeiro (@ffavila_design)
ffavila_design10.01.2019 04:40:36

Beautiful! Great job to y’all, Ford Explorer team 👏

Matt Crowton (@mkcrowton)
mkcrowton10.01.2019 02:39:03

BRAVO! What a great job. Congrats to the whole team. 👏👏👏

Ian Jarosz (@ijarosz52)
ijarosz5210.01.2019 00:46:10

Guys way to go. U copied land rover

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