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👉 Atakan 👈 (@_ato09)
_ato0930.10.2018 14:39:11


Larry Hernandez (@larryhernandez)
larryhernandez26.10.2018 08:34:18


B33$ (@nrmorton77)
nrmorton7724.10.2018 20:05:54

That’s amazing. My family has owned 4 vehicles that rolled through his line across 4 decades. Love them all. Way to go Willie Fulton Jr.!

Moe Samhouri (@moesamhouri)
moesamhouri24.10.2018 15:49:40

65 years working their!! Wow he’s gotta be around 83-84 years old.... why hasn’t he retired yet?!

Stefan Lugaro (@stefan_lugaro)
stefan_lugaro24.10.2018 15:45:24

Still have gaps in my mustangs panels though

paul bragg (@paulbragg04)
paulbragg0424.10.2018 15:36:41

Y’all need to bring back the manuals into f-150 and rangers at least.

Tracey Jennings (@jenningstracey)
jenningstracey24.10.2018 16:44:53

Congrats!!!!! My dad worked for 48 years at. Ford dealership. I still bleed ford blue!!❤️

Dr cheeseburger (@dr_cheeseburger1)
dr_cheeseburger124.10.2018 15:29:27

Respect to that man he is a true legend

Rob (@robmitch1455)
robmitch145524.10.2018 16:10:20

Got to respect the man Could you imagine trying to get millennial types to try and work six months at any thing

Roy Hale (@royhale64)
royhale6424.10.2018 17:02:22

That’s awesome

I-KCV 11/16 (@crown_vic_p_s)
crown_vic_p_s24.10.2018 15:25:50

I hope Crown Victoria will be re-produced💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

JenniferAFieldsFerris (@jenniferjemini1)
jenniferjemini125.10.2018 04:09:17

Great post

Mark Toothman (@marklt88)
marklt8825.10.2018 01:10:43

Willie, you are a record-setter and a champion. Congratulations for reaching such a milestone. I hope a lot of younger people follow your example

MontanaJack (@montana_jack_outdoors)
montana_jack_outdoors24.10.2018 17:46:16

That is an AWESOME post! 65 years...wow! Great work! I love my Escape and F-250!

parvaneh (@parvaneh___51)
parvaneh___5124.10.2018 16:08:28


Ritchie Markovski (@jerseyritchie)
jerseyritchie24.10.2018 15:44:56

Thank you sir for your service.

Louis Davis (@king.louis1)
king.louis125.10.2018 01:49:28

@ford  he’s more then #BuiltFordProud  he’s also #BuiltFordTough  ✊🏽

Wendy Sensabaugh Lewis (@winsiepooh)
winsiepooh25.10.2018 01:18:58

Congratulations Mr. Fulton!! Only Ford's in our driveway!!

F150 Black Panther Harley D (@f150_blackpanther_harley)
f150_blackpanther_harley24.10.2018 17:31:16

@ford  This guy deserves a medal, a perfect example as to why ford has been the no1 selling motor company for so many years!! Pure dedication and perfection for so many years!! Well done Willie Fulton Jr. You are a true Legend!! 👌

Danny paul mills (@dannypaulmills)
dannypaulmills24.10.2018 16:12:42


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