From manufacturing ships in 1918, to building America's favorite trucks today, the Ford Rouge Complex has a lot to celebrate in its 100th year of oper - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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Joseph Edge (@joseph_edge)
joseph_edge07.01.2019 00:13:27

#chevy  for the win

Davades Bellar (@bigd.s.b)
bigd.s.b07.01.2019 02:06:08

Better keep that ford inside if a gust of wind hits it all that work would be for nothing 😂 @teamchevy 

Dana Michelle Troncoso (@danamichelletroncoso)
danamichelletroncoso07.01.2019 06:33:03

Ford, GM and Dodge have the same tail end.... 🤔

Dana Michelle Troncoso (@danamichelletroncoso)
danamichelletroncoso07.01.2019 06:33:10


Jacob Bozich (@jacob_bozich2411)
jacob_bozich241109.01.2019 21:12:14

That's a real truck

♱️ (@victor.mark777)
victor.mark77710.01.2019 10:15:34


parvaneh (@parvaneh___51)
parvaneh___5110.01.2019 18:52:31


debbi_3411.01.2019 15:44:35

Wait till the locks start freezing and doors won't open or shut. Big recall what a nightmare .

#loweredtrucksmatter ® (@loweredtrucksmatter)
loweredtrucksmatter12.01.2019 04:26:36


Lina smith💝 (@linaasmith_)
linaasmith_13.01.2019 04:00:57

I like😘

Rich Land (@land8161)
land816114.01.2019 00:55:09


Washingtonville Car Wash (@washingtonvillecarwash)
washingtonvillecarwash16.01.2019 16:55:57


1redram_17.01.2019 04:02:02

Ford can pull more then ram what?? The new 3500 ram can pull 35k pounds what?🤔 you ain't got that title no more ford

1redram_17.01.2019 04:02:10

Yalls trucks still coo tho

therryapinsa (@therryherard)
therryherard18.01.2019 08:50:52


Ryan Brown (@rbrown1111)
rbrown111118.01.2019 11:03:48

Ford needs to concentrate on fixing their doors on these F150’s... Cant close them when its cold outside. Doors just flap like wings when you’re driving! Twice to the dealership for them to basically throw WD40 on em. They don’t care

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