"I’m a team leader on the box line here at the Dearborn Truck Plant. My daughter, Alexa is the #HardestWorking person I know. She just graduated colle - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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Daniel (@daniel_m_bryan)
daniel_m_bryan16.11.2018 09:51:36


Liam  B 『17』Liverpool (@l.b.cars)
l.b.cars27.11.2018 09:28:41


DJ PHILIP (@_dj_philip_)
_dj_philip_12.12.2018 11:49:18


Liam  B 『17』Liverpool (@l.b.cars)
l.b.cars14.12.2018 06:45:05


Kaden Engle (@kaden.engle)
kaden.engle17.12.2018 03:21:33

It’s awesome how there is a plant where Henry ford grew up himself! Congratulations on your daughters success!

Dennis (@meister21614)
meister2161423.12.2018 17:15:28


💞Ašαł👑 (@miss_asal1195)
miss_asal119524.12.2018 11:18:10


Liam  B 『17』Liverpool (@l.b.cars)
l.b.cars30.12.2018 11:09:45


Valet Pro Detailing (@valetprodetailing)
valetprodetailing04.01.2019 17:14:24


Washingtonville Car Wash (@washingtonvillecarwash)
washingtonvillecarwash13.01.2019 11:29:05


Fred Béziade (@fred_beziade)
fred_beziade14.01.2019 06:22:50

Ford Bordeaux-Blanquefort ✝️

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