"I’m a floater here at the plant - I get the opportunity to learn all the different jobs on my team - 16 jobs in total. The #HardestWorking person I k - Ford Motor Company (@ford)
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👉 Atakan 👈 (@atobey009)
atobey00928.10.2018 19:39:05


kingart (@p_toonartwork)
p_toonartwork30.10.2018 00:47:09

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Carlos Rafael Ramirez (@crramirez24)
crramirez2408.11.2018 13:35:30

Vehicle should have WiFi + GPS + cellular. Just saying.

Jae D Elkins (@jaedelkins)
jaedelkins09.11.2018 06:56:43

Son gotta ask ford gift new blue over black buffed in no. How maid today load on cad desine near? @usarmy  low tech crumy.near N.Y. NYC USA today

💫S A J A D Ghanavati93💫 (@sajadghn1993)
sajadghn199302.12.2018 00:23:04

ای کاش نظافتچی سرایدار شرکت فورد بودم @arvand.carsss  I wish I had been a maid servant of the big @ford  company, but I regret that I am a citizen of the Islamic Republic

Jordahn (@jwitherspoon89)
jwitherspoon8907.12.2018 03:17:52

@awspoon95  why does this guy look like me and you had a baby 😂😂😂 @pri_nc3  @edgara5 

tyler_lammrish08.12.2018 05:26:48


brycebarton__08.12.2018 05:26:55

@mobley12345  dis you?

Jose D. (@cundoman007)
cundoman00715.12.2018 11:47:36

Valet Pro Detailing (@valetprodetailing)
valetprodetailing25.12.2018 04:50:02


Washingtonville Car Wash (@washingtonvillecarwash)
washingtonvillecarwash08.01.2019 23:04:29


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