Everyone follow & wish my daughter  @moneyyaya  A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather)
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The Money Team (@themoneyteam)
themoneyteam21.05.2019 14:16:58

Happy birthday @moneyyaya ! 🎈 💸

JASON LEE (@theonlyjasonlee)
theonlyjasonlee21.05.2019 09:28:59

HBD 🎈 @moneyyaya 

Greg La Rosa Official (@greg_tmt)
greg_tmt21.05.2019 07:43:22


inmacloset (@inmacloset)
inmacloset02.06.2019 21:15:17

congratulate you Floyd for being such a great father. Your daughter is now getting tossed around by some low iq rappers. Perhaps spend more time with ur kids instead spending your time at strip clubs.

Melissia (@melissiarene)
melissiarene21.05.2019 07:01:18

😍😍 HBD Baby Ya!!!

Luis Gabriel 🏀🌴 (@rollingood421)
rollingood42121.05.2019 06:07:40


suitukage (@tobiramas6nju)
tobiramas6nju04.06.2019 12:20:14

His daugther is trying to be a rapper and she never steuggle in life,floyd should not let his kids rap they dont belong to that low culture floyd is multi millionare

𝓐quatic Ꮗaves (@aquaticwaves)
aquaticwaves21.05.2019 06:08:04


Juan Diego Madrid Garcia (@juandmg_gamer)
juandmg_gamer21.05.2019 06:07:39


🌸🌴🌸🌿 (@_.xtinaa.__)
_.xtinaa.__21.05.2019 06:07:48


stoney4l21.05.2019 06:07:40

First like baby!!

DBD Moose (@dbd_moose)
dbd_moose21.05.2019 06:07:38


Jizzy Mack (@jizzymack)
jizzymack21.05.2019 06:18:30

Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎊🎉 @moneyyaya 

Takelia (@takeliajohnson_0314)
takeliajohnson_031413.06.2019 06:51:41

Man if yo daughter is pregnant, you failed as a father. How you gone let young boy knock yo daughter up. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Bernard Cloma (@bcloma)
bcloma21.05.2019 06:14:56

Happy bday 😘

Only The Family Involved (@a100zay)
a100zay21.05.2019 06:07:45

Love you g

Rolex Heaven (@heavenrolex)
heavenrolex13.06.2019 09:27:56

Y is this lil girl pregnant???

AnnaMonroe 💋. (@xoannamonroe)
xoannamonroe21.05.2019 23:09:44

Hbd money Yaya 💕💕

Avi & Co.™️ (@aviandco)
aviandco21.05.2019 13:06:59

Happy bd 🙌

Phillip Weeden TMT (@thegiftd1)
thegiftd121.05.2019 10:11:31

Happy birthday Ya! 🙏🏾 stay blessed.

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