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巨 Oscar Sundbom 巨 (@oscar3run1)
oscar3run115.04.2019 16:39:13

I thought he was gonna land back on the pole😂

💙3MFG💙 (@wouter_0184)
wouter_018415.04.2019 17:03:24

thought he was gonna break his back on that pole

원ᒎᙈᔕイᎥᑎ㍐ 저스틴🇰🇷 (@xditzjustin)
xditzjustin15.04.2019 17:22:50

Everyone thought he was gonna land on the back pole No Caps

Alec S. (@alec_srl)
alec_srl15.04.2019 16:50:45

It's all because of the crocs

Ioan Loris (@ioanloris)
ioanloris15.04.2019 19:34:07

With the CROX😂

William 🌵 (@william.rytky)
william.rytky15.04.2019 18:51:18

everyone talk about the pole but this dude straight up flipped in crocs

tudy godet (@tuudyyz)
tuudyyz15.04.2019 16:52:39


Daan (@daanboutsen)
daanboutsen15.04.2019 16:43:34

What are thoossee😝😂👌

PHOENIX (@phoenix.1402)
phoenix.140215.04.2019 19:31:04


Julian Dzwonkowski (@julek_traceur)
julek_traceur15.04.2019 17:49:52

Nice shoes!

Markus_markussen (@markus_markussen1)
markus_markussen115.04.2019 17:38:42


😺Laney😺 (@laneey2014)
laneey201415.04.2019 23:21:12

Am I the only one who thought he was gonna land it on the other post?

Martinez Armando (@antraxletal)
antraxletal16.04.2019 18:53:19


Jared (@hvacdaddy441)
hvacdaddy44116.04.2019 16:49:35


Peter Johnson (@cheetodawg)
cheetodawg16.04.2019 14:11:31

That scared me

عظيم (@ayyaussieprivv)
ayyaussieprivv16.04.2019 10:00:02

Why did I think he was gonna Brake his back on the other pole

Eamon_Macginley (@eamon_macginley)
eamon_macginley16.04.2019 08:13:35

Yea the crocks

M.E.E.S🔫💸 (@mees.klijsen07)
mees.klijsen0716.04.2019 07:50:48

That crocs tho!

Ramos (@_ramos_horror__)
_ramos_horror__16.04.2019 07:38:08


Jose Cuellar (@josecuellars_)
josecuellars_16.04.2019 04:17:10

Grande 🙌

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