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Filipe (@filipepitu)
filipepitu07.04.2019 19:34:34

Very nice initiative to talk about the people that make the GPs happen. There are many that work as volunteers for the love of the sport!

David Coulthard (@davidcoulthardf1)
davidcoulthardf107.04.2019 22:00:09

Love that F1 is sharing these stories! Keep it up! 👏🏼

Conor Tingey (@ft_cj_2005)
ft_cj_200507.04.2019 19:16:44

Race 1000 Should have been at Silverstone

Mohammed Marhoon 🧿 (@mohamed379)
mohamed37907.04.2019 19:18:13


Nofa Al Zayani (@nofazayani)
nofazayani07.04.2019 20:22:13

Just got back from F1 in Bahrain 🇧🇭 & have to say it was amazing! It was so well organized & ran seamlessly. So Proud to be a Bahraini & have such a fantastically run event in my home town! Bravo F1 BRC team, you did an awesome job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

KHALID (@khadona10)
khadona1007.04.2019 19:20:22

Boring circuit

ILovePeonies (@ilovepeonies44)
ilovepeonies4407.04.2019 19:19:42

Wow, thanks for sharing this. Must be a cool job for that one day

EvenstarSaima (@evenstarsaima)
evenstarsaima07.04.2019 21:59:36

Is this a joke? Bahrain has awful human rights violations

Houd (@houd97)
houd9708.04.2019 09:16:21

Best marshals ever😍👌🏻🇧🇭

Jackson Osmani (@xheksonosmani)
xheksonosmani07.04.2019 19:23:36

God bless you all

DREW (@surfingfreak247)
surfingfreak24707.04.2019 19:22:04

Hell yeah! Be positive even in hard times

Nestoo (@ax4_nestoo)
ax4_nestoo07.04.2019 20:35:31

Bahrain marshals are the best

Salman Almaeeli (@salman_almaeeli)
salman_almaeeli07.04.2019 20:18:37

🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭🇧🇭 Bahrain Marshals 💪🏻

nakedctsv08.04.2019 00:39:18

But they can’t even remove a car from the track

Wesley Hoogenboom (@wesleyhoogenboom)
wesleyhoogenboom07.04.2019 19:19:45

Nice good video post

Ebrahim Almahasna (@bujbran)
bujbran07.04.2019 19:19:42


Bryan Arnold (@bryanarnold.01)
bryanarnold.0107.04.2019 22:07:02

What happens when Osama has to double wave yellows?

Bilawal 🇵🇰 (@bilawalmumtaz)
bilawalmumtaz08.04.2019 05:37:01

Always proud to be the part of this team 💙💪

alikhalaf (@alikhalaf90)
alikhalaf9008.04.2019 03:18:31

Proud of you hanan and Osama. Proud to be part of Bahrain motor sport marshals club #MMc❤️❤️❤️ 

Khalid Saffy (@ksaffy7)
ksaffy707.04.2019 21:13:39

Hands down the best marshals of all circuits 🇧🇭❤️

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