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sascha.s.b (@doppel.punkt.d)
doppel.punkt.d04.11.2018 12:00:19

Lewis likes Seb, Seb likes Lewis, Merc likes SF, SF likes Merc. Just the fans hate each other...

Oliver (@oliverwillo1052)
oliverwillo105204.11.2018 12:03:13

Why are all Ferrari mechanics bald tho???

Megan❤️ (@daniel._.lazzarotto)
daniel._.lazzarotto04.11.2018 12:00:25

Odd flex but ok

shashank (@shankbites1892)
shankbites189204.11.2018 12:01:13

Lewis was probably thanking the Ferrari strategists for screwing vettel over every other weekend

Tomasz Stasiak (@tomek.st)
tomek.st04.11.2018 11:58:19

Seb and Lewis are the best drivers ever

Alberto Brilli (@albert_shining)
albert_shining04.11.2018 12:34:32

I'm not sure that Mercedes mechanics are like Ferrari's if Seb won the title.. however congrats to Mercedes and it

Cay✈️👨‍✈️🐡🇨🇭🏎 (@cay_cay1_appelsap)
cay_cay1_appelsap04.11.2018 12:11:23

Can’t expect this from soccer rivals lol

Megan❤️ (@daniel._.lazzarotto)
daniel._.lazzarotto04.11.2018 12:00:18


Shaun Brent (@mr._bre)
mr._bre04.11.2018 12:06:08

Oh yes how gracious of Mercedes. Have we forgotten when James Allison, Hamilton and company accused Ferrari of running into them. Such a farce

xgiioc04.11.2018 12:25:20

Forza Ferrari 🏎🇮🇹

Jordan McNeil (@jordanxix_)
jordanxix_04.11.2018 12:17:51

Sportsmanship 100%

F1 & YTK (@f1ytk)
f1ytk04.11.2018 12:30:20

I don't know how a day with Toto Wolff would look like... Table hitting all 5 minutes.

Marcel Bekenkamp (@marcel_bekenkamp)
marcel_bekenkamp04.11.2018 12:26:19

Forza Ferrari 🇮🇹

Marko Stanimirov (@_raikkonen_)
_raikkonen_04.11.2018 12:01:54

Its called healthy rivalrly ✌️

Nguyễn Phúc Khang (@nguyenphuckhang75)
nguyenphuckhang7504.11.2018 15:52:58

Ferrari will strike back next year

Oliver (@oliverwillo1052)
oliverwillo105204.11.2018 12:01:40


Emanuele Micillo (@ema_micillo)
ema_micillo04.11.2018 12:02:11

@danipetri01  stanno inguaiati questi che mettono la telecamera sulla tuta del meccanico 😂

besservizzer04.11.2018 11:59:31

Love this kind of rivalry👍

Seek & Destroy (@ecstasy_of_metal)
ecstasy_of_metal04.11.2018 14:33:24

These two ferrari technicians were later fired.

Antonino Tomeo (@antoninotomeo)
antoninotomeo04.11.2018 12:03:00


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