Unusual aero package from @redbullracing this weekend 👀 😂
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WALLACE (@danwallace766)
danwallace76613.09.2018 21:08:20

“Both drivers are equal here at RBR”

Blaz Balkovec (@bblaz22)
bblaz2213.09.2018 20:33:03

Verstappen would crashed it😂

Tommi Koski (@toombba)
toombba13.09.2018 20:35:56

More reliable than their Renault engine 😉

Roberts 2002 (@roberts200002)
roberts20000213.09.2018 20:31:49

Still faster then Williams

Patrick King 🇺🇸 (@kingpatrick442)
kingpatrick44213.09.2018 20:33:40

Good thing verstappen isn’t the one pedaling, he’d hit every single person in sight.

sjmiles197713.09.2018 20:53:30

"Let me take you round and show you how to get round a circuit without hitting people and being dangerous"

altuzara13.09.2018 20:33:02

Powered by Ricciardo’s BDE

HRE Performance Wheels (@hre_wheels)
hre_wheels13.09.2018 20:43:40

We just want to be treated the same way Daniel treats Max ❤️

Sebastian Vettel (@fanofsebastianvettel5)
fanofsebastianvettel513.09.2018 20:58:14

At least the bike won't let him down tho

K E V I N K L A V E R S (@kevinklavers)
kevinklavers13.09.2018 20:33:24

Even like this they would beat Sirotkin

David (@lastbornnormal)
lastbornnormal13.09.2018 20:48:04

Ricciardo is Verstappen butler, as Bottas is to Hamilton 🤣

Rohan (@rohan_sg_24)
rohan_sg_2413.09.2018 20:36:41

That's gonna be their ride back to the pits after that Renault PU fails again 😂

o.keast13.09.2018 20:41:05

At least the engine won’t fail...

Lino Masotti (@misterleanz)
misterleanz13.09.2018 20:38:44

Ricciardo should have gone to Ferrari 🏎

Cody Piscitelli (@cody_975_piscitelli)
cody_975_piscitelli13.09.2018 20:35:46

The only way Red Bull will let Danny finish a race

Toni Esteve (@esteve.toni)
esteve.toni13.09.2018 20:47:57

Max crashtappen

Florian Caliebe (@florian_caliebe)
florian_caliebe13.09.2018 20:51:35

Still faster than Williams this year 😂

Shakti (@shaktidhende)
shaktidhende13.09.2018 20:41:18

Max be like.. dude, go slow or u will crash into someone. 😬😂 #maxcrash 

Zach Thomas (@zach_j_thomas)
zach_j_thomas13.09.2018 20:45:38

A visual representation of what would happen if Danny stayed with redbull next year

Kaylee (@kaylee.99)
kaylee.9913.09.2018 20:33:15

Uber Daniel Ricciardo 🚖

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