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Orapin Moom (@moom_orapin)
moom_orapin06.07.2018 16:36:57


Roberto Binetti (@binetti.roberto)
binetti.roberto06.07.2018 17:26:47

El pone en el agua no hay con que darle. Lo maneja como si fuera un karting.

Roberto Binetti (@binetti.roberto)
binetti.roberto06.07.2018 17:27:20

El pibe no el pone

Tarik (@tarikski_)
tarikski_06.07.2018 17:44:45

Nico did the same move in that race and no one said anything. One more thing, people who says rosberg is an ovverated driver should give a look to all qualyfing sessions where he used to score amazing laps battling with lewis, and maybe they will change their opinions.
The car is important but it is not everything guys! All love.

Renato Silveira (@rnsilveira)
rnsilveira06.07.2018 18:52:08

Daleeee @maxverstappen1  o bixo é o demon @fabianoteixeiraa 

Mauricio Formaggio (@mauformaggio)
mauformaggio06.07.2018 19:09:38

What did he do? It was a mistake by Rosberg

Quinn Winkel (@quinnwinkel1)
quinnwinkel106.07.2018 20:37:28

@crashtappen  and where are you now huh?!

Há Té (@hatedesigner)
hatedesigner06.07.2018 21:27:13

. . .and 20 minutes later Rosberg passed him back. :) Don't forget!

James Craig (@jamescraig1989)
jamescraig198907.07.2018 02:03:03

Showed Nico up every time

Victor Nathur 14 (@victornathur)
victornathur07.07.2018 04:17:47

Se liga nessa agressividade @leoareus11 

Naomi Grootmeijer (@naomigrootmeijer)
naomigrootmeijer07.07.2018 10:51:26


Kalma Kolhonen (@kalmakolhonen)
kalmakolhonen07.07.2018 16:42:37


Thiago sensacional kkkk (@thiagosensacional)
thiagosensacional07.07.2018 18:40:50

go vesttapeb

Justin Laagland (@justinlaagland)
justinlaagland07.07.2018 18:51:08


Carolina Soares (@icarol_soares)
icarol_soares08.07.2018 22:07:32

This sound breaks my heart!!! ❤️

💥Billy💥 (@billy_turner04)
billy_turner0411.07.2018 15:29:02

Rain master

Mr.Raya (@2970s)
2970s10.08.2018 18:32:11

@friendly_samoan  remember this?

Nathan Hopkins (@nathhopkins)
nathhopkins06.10.2018 18:03:30

Bravo Verstappen brilliant move. Round the outside as well

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