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Good Old Fashioned (@tenement.funster)
tenement.funster05.07.2018 21:05:30

Nico Rosberg: most overrated and boring champion of all time; like 2016 didn’t even happen. Like if you agree and ignore if you also agree.

Luis Rosales (@big_smoke.24)
big_smoke.2405.07.2018 21:12:05

Rosberg is overrated. He just had a good car.

Andries Rombout (@andriesrombout)
andriesrombout05.07.2018 21:00:45

Look back to all great champions in their early years, most of them made mistakes but not one of them was in a top 3 team at this age, give the man time and he will become a true F1 legend #GOMAX 

Tyler Connell✈ (@tcco94)
tcco9405.07.2018 21:02:07

Incoming crashstappen comments and the IG account that will block you

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀✖️✖️✖️ (@al1yew)
al1yew05.07.2018 21:20:57

Nico lost the controll on the corner so max overtook him👐🏻but nico WON the championship and max’s driving didnt matter at all🤓

Branden Wiens (@braz12)
braz1205.07.2018 20:59:33

The man certainly proved the haters (me included) wrong.

sc; i.isisx (@i.isisx)
i.isisx05.07.2018 21:03:37

lets hope for rain again 😛😛

Hakan Batan AKA ‘H’ ‘Batman’ (@hbatan90)
hbatan9005.07.2018 21:13:10

to be honest that is bad driving from @nicorosberg 

MæRio (@mario_lasco)
mario_lasco05.07.2018 21:01:18


Emilio Mastrangelo (@emiliomas)
emiliomas05.07.2018 21:15:58

I think Nico chased him afterwards and got the position back

richard_pliml05.07.2018 22:41:11

Not really.....if you watch carefully you'll see Nico loose the back end giving Max more drive out the corner.. that's all....

Alexis P (@alexis1pap)
alexis1pap05.07.2018 21:33:40

A danger for other drivers...

Brent053x (@brent053x)
brent053x05.07.2018 21:02:07

R.I.P. Dusty depot

Χρηστος Σταματης (@stamatis_christos)
stamatis_christos06.07.2018 03:15:44

Do much advertisement for Verstappen so many years and yet nothing special from him.The money now is on Leclerc.

Einar Guðmundsson (@einar_gudmundsson)
einar_gudmundsson05.07.2018 21:12:06

max is amazing. and the master of crashes haha

Jacka (@tobi_jas)
tobi_jas05.07.2018 21:14:23

It's such a shame the weather is going to be clear! Like every race this season... 😢

Gaple (@rafi.indraa)
rafi.indraa05.07.2018 22:15:22

Anyone knows who is the commentator of f1?

Marco Ferretti (@marcoferretti_fm)
marcoferretti_fm05.07.2018 21:11:06

@leo_giuntoli  uno che fa sta roba per te non sa nulla di motore e telaio ??

Alessandro Zanon (@_alezanon__)
_alezanon__05.07.2018 21:08:14

@crashtappen  Now he go crash😂😂

Ritchie Fitness (@ritchiefitness)
ritchiefitness05.07.2018 21:14:35

Rainmaster verstappen 💪🇳🇱

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