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Antonio Deynes (@martianmantony)
martianmantony14.05.2018 20:42:59

I think it's more amazing to see a driver perform as strong with a "weak" car. What I mean is if you drive for the top three then a different team and you're still doing great, to to be confused with still winning, then you clearly understand how to race

Empanao profesional😛😛😛😛 (@psanz97)
psanz9714.05.2018 20:54:27

2013 without the f*cking HALO AND REAL ENGINES

Alonsista (@alonsistaf1)
alonsistaf114.05.2018 22:36:04

Alonso is better than Senna! Did you see Senna overtaking like that??? Alonso is the greatest! Ferrari will hire Alonso because they'll lost the title again to Hamilton (which lost the wdc to Rosberg, a medium driver)

Tonyzzle (@itstonyzzle)
itstonyzzle14.05.2018 20:41:44

he’s always the best in every circumstance

♦Vallejoo♣ (@vallejoo.rsktto)
vallejoo.rsktto14.05.2018 20:42:33

The main difference is that in 2013 Alonso had a good car, now Alonso's car is not the worst, but it couod be better

曹嘉懿 Jeremy (@jiayicao_jeremy)
jiayicao_jeremy14.05.2018 20:42:55

he is legend

Marcin Wasiluk (@marcin_f1_fan_1995)
marcin_f1_fan_199514.05.2018 20:43:01

2013 no doubt

Cassio Cortes (@cassiocortes)
cassiocortes14.05.2018 20:47:08

Parecido com CC fora e dentro do cockpit =D

Maximilian Tabernig (@maximilian_tabernig)
maximilian_tabernig14.05.2018 20:42:55

God deam it give him an competetive car!

Gary Butler (@gary.butler.526)
gary.butler.52614.05.2018 21:01:09

I wish he would go back to Ferrari. As much as i like Kimi and Seb i would love to see Alonso win another drivers championship. Or better yet McLaren sort their car out...

carlosmsegarra14.05.2018 20:42:15

2013. Overtake on two cars that led to the 32nd race win👌🏻

Sonuç T Saltunç (@s3nuc)
s3nuc15.05.2018 00:19:51

@s_t_saltunc8  KING, The GOAT

Eduardo & Toby🐶🐾🇨🇱 (@edu_ferrari_14)
edu_ferrari_1414.05.2018 20:58:17

Come back to Scuderia Ferrari Fernando!

Rawman Spitsyn (@qupo13)
qupo1314.05.2018 20:43:06

Of course 2013😅

Rex Jou (@rx___j)
rx___j14.05.2018 20:42:59

The ferrari was still faster on the grid compared to the mclaren even if it was a bad car. alonso got the best out of both situations. the 2013 race with the ferrari is like him turning on nitrus boost though 🤯

Drishti Chawla (@droppydrishtipiggy)
droppydrishtipiggy14.05.2018 23:34:23

@rishabhrathi9  consistent use of talent 🤘

Joel Soon (@joelsoonjw)
joelsoonjw15.05.2018 07:46:26

@willy.seah  this is a good overtake, just like how I’ll ice cream u 👍🏻

Nico (@n____p)
n____p14.05.2018 21:48:19

2013...because it sounds like an actual racecar @da__prince6  @sekstrand3 

Paul Hof (@paul.ho.01)
paul.ho.0114.05.2018 20:54:17

Can they please put Alonso in a competitive car again😣😣💪

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