⏪ Rewind 23 years... @mclaren unveiled a radical “pin nose” and “mini wing” for the 1995 season - its first car to be powered by a Mercedes engine. He - FORMULA 1® (@f1)
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Paul Stewart (@racingstewart)
racingstewart14.02.2018 08:54:21

Who’s driving/testing...Jan Magnusen? 🤔

Centurion Battery (@centurionbattery)
centurionbattery14.02.2018 09:29:43


Gustavo S. Stocchero (@gustavostocchero)
gustavostocchero14.02.2018 11:15:24

Car number 7 it was @nigelmansell  awful year for the Lionheart @mclaren  @f1 

stu calder (@3star1980)
3star198014.02.2018 11:44:33

That car was a dog

Chris Farr (@chrisfarr54)
chrisfarr5414.02.2018 12:08:23

Benetton clone !

Gaz Tolton (@gaztolton)
gaztolton14.02.2018 14:39:14

I hope they go back to@this  colour scheme

John Yabrifa photography (@jyabrifa_photography)
jyabrifa_photography14.02.2018 15:17:36

Remember poor old Nigel Mansell was too big for the car... they did away with the T-wing after the Spanish GP if I remember correctly

Dane Baird (@thegreatdaneno.1)
thegreatdaneno.114.02.2018 16:24:47

Looks like the t wing

Andrew Angus (@andyangus91)
andyangus9114.02.2018 17:08:16

Loved this car

Logan Vasters (@starscreamer028)
starscreamer02814.02.2018 18:03:53

Ugliest McLaren ever driver @kevinmagnussen  father Jan 👌👍

Adam Jarvis (@jarvtattooart)
jarvtattooart16.02.2018 02:10:08

Such a minimalist front wing. Literally two planes. This car was a pig though not as bad as the McLaren Peugeot the year before. The Minardi in the background was almost as good

Dennis Alif Setiawan (@dennisalifs)
dennisalifs16.02.2018 07:07:31

ugliest mclaren

Juarez Júnior da Silva (@juarezjr1978)
juarezjr197817.02.2018 14:17:20

Design still actual.

KSG (@constant_in)
constant_in17.02.2018 14:22:45

Pin nose is nothing in comparison to halo this year...

Marc Colomé (@marc.colome)
marc.colome17.02.2018 23:46:33


Beppe (@beppefumy)
beppefumy18.02.2018 14:15:20

...che bella

Charles Dantas (@charlesdantas1970)
charlesdantas197019.02.2018 19:14:26

Esse carro era ruim

Victor Targino (@vtargino)
vtargino20.02.2018 01:04:14


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