I once spent a few months living in the Spanish city of Granada. It’s a very pretty place with an interesting mix of - Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond)
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Annes Shin (@annesshin)
annesshin01.05.2019 06:17:55

Beauriful 👏👏😊

Sri__hemand__ (@sri__hemand__)
sri__hemand__01.05.2019 01:12:10

Wonderful birds view

Iván (@iguiap)
iguiap30.04.2019 20:42:51

Matt, my friend, just one comment about your post about Granada. Being one of the most important cities in Andalusia, Granada is not the capital of the region. It was during arab occupation, but currently Sevilla is the capital.

Allianz Travel USA (@allianztravelus)
allianztravelus30.04.2019 19:08:35

What amazing landscape!

TRYEZ (@tryez_)
tryez_30.04.2019 18:16:48

That's a pretty good one. Actually I think your recent photos are really good. I will be waiting for your next photo 😊✋

Jahzel Dotel 🇩🇴 (@jahzeldotel)
jahzeldotel30.04.2019 16:50:39

One of my favorite parts of Spain

Free Spirit Wanderers (@modestescapes)
modestescapes30.04.2019 16:08:10

Nice shot

Javier Godinez (@vivirparaviajar)
vivirparaviajar30.04.2019 15:32:27

One of the most beautiful places in Spain!

A Lady in London (@aladyinlondon)
aladyinlondon30.04.2019 14:34:37

I love the Alhambra 😊

Jordan Andrew (@jordan.andrew.b)
jordan.andrew.b30.04.2019 13:41:23

Granada rules, some of the best tapas in Andalusia.

Kristin Wright (@bykristinwright)
bykristinwright30.04.2019 13:06:02


Brainy Apples 🌏Teacher 🖊Author (@brainyapples)
brainyapples30.04.2019 12:13:14

We spent a few days in Granada earlier this month. It was my oldest son’s favorite place in Spain we visited. He was able to connect because he learned about the Alhambra in his world history class. It was absolutely stunning. We could have easily spent over a week there!

Moikka Travel Diary (@moikkatraveldiary)
moikkatraveldiary30.04.2019 12:09:56

I loved Granada 😍 The Alhambra Palace is absolutely amazing 💖💖💖

Ivan Bengeri (@idemo_putovati)
idemo_putovati30.04.2019 11:48:06


@viajeinessaimagem By Lu Monte (@viajeinessaimagem)
viajeinessaimagem30.04.2019 10:22:30

Wow! Beautiful! 👏🏼

F R E D D Y 🇩🇪 (@travel_fred)
travel_fred30.04.2019 10:04:10

Love the old architecture.

Sembrando Coordenadas (@sembrando_coordenadas)
sembrando_coordenadas30.04.2019 10:02:30

We love Granada, is such a magical city! Btw, nice pic!

ALICIA & JOHN | Travel Couple (@alicia.sharedwanderlust)
alicia.sharedwanderlust30.04.2019 09:59:41

Love Granada! Liked it so much we also decided to live there for a few months

Roxy Kairuz (@roxykairuz)
roxykairuz30.04.2019 09:27:32

I’m reading a book at this very minute about the Alhambra!

Swedish Nomad 🇸🇪 Alex Waltner (@swedishnomad)
swedishnomad30.04.2019 09:27:26

Beautiful 👌

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