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InchingTheGlobe (@inchingtheglobe)
inchingtheglobe13.04.2019 08:07:40


Carlos Vazquez (@miamimarketer)
miamimarketer13.04.2019 18:47:35

Great post

sidhu♥ (@kapil_sidharthan)
kapil_sidharthan14.04.2019 05:58:53

Congrats 😍 Sir , Soo cute ❤️🤩

H8 Collection Hotel Group (@h8collection)
h8collection16.04.2019 01:17:14


LOY MORRISON-CASTRO (@loymorrisoncastro)
loymorrisoncastro17.04.2019 01:39:19

Gorgeous family! CONGRATULATIONS

Atlas & Boots (@atlasandboots)
atlasandboots18.04.2019 10:46:51

Congrats to you both! 👍

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
kirstenalana20.04.2019 14:42:12

So crazy! Congratulations to you both and yay for a new Karsten!

Greg Cayea (@gregcayea)
gregcayea22.04.2019 19:04:19

hey man, you interested in coming on our podcast? We've been interviewing famous travelers. So far we've had Emilio Scotto (Guinness World Record for 500,000 mile motorcycle journey), Danell Lynn (another Guinness Wold Record holder), Eric Stoen and some others. You interested? Would love to have you!

🌎🌏🌍 (@shaneandstellastory)
shaneandstellastory23.04.2019 03:37:24

Congratulations! We're just thinking about getting back into travelling this time with our 18 month old little girl, will be watching you guys closely for tips!

Martin Fernandez Cufre (@esoptron)
esoptron24.04.2019 15:18:25

@expertvagabond  OMG! I'm in that process too and also a traveler. Actually scared like hell of losing possibility to travel. How are you taking it as a traveler?

Bawnmore (@bawnmorejerky)
bawnmorejerky25.04.2019 18:20:15

That's cool!

Kiki Aggeli (@karie_ag)
karie_ag26.04.2019 21:31:31

congratulations! may all of you enjoy health and happiness in your lives!! ❤️❤️

Rusors (@rusors_russia)
rusors_russia07.05.2019 17:10:01


Gloria Mann (@gloriamann22)
gloriamann2207.05.2019 21:26:14

Congratulations 🎊

Maryann Or may (@anney_catchey_annieshine89)
anney_catchey_annieshine8908.05.2019 16:19:36

Wow I saw that boat ride I. The amalfi coast @expertvagabond  that’s so pretty besides your son is still a baby he’s already knows to be a wanderlust like his parents . Wha more if he grow up #hellbewellCultured  and can speak multiple language which is impressive and highly intelligent 🤓 wow congrats 😇

Maryann Or may (@anney_catchey_annieshine89)
anney_catchey_annieshine8908.05.2019 16:21:08

I’m going trekking soon kind if you send me the link to buy your gear the backpack coz I want it to be light as possible coz I’ll be trekkking for weeks in Nepal . I want to be able to move . @expertvagabond  ty beside I know it’s going to be pricy but worth it as ya said I’ve been reading your blog about how many pairs to bring of pants shirts under garment and how to wash em 😅 man ur really are a trooper and my fave blogger coz I’m learning a lot ❤️

Maryann Or may (@anney_catchey_annieshine89)
anney_catchey_annieshine8908.05.2019 16:21:58

@expertvagabond  how I wish the United States would have language so we can be billengual rather than dumb and can speak one language 😅

Maryann Or may (@anney_catchey_annieshine89)
anney_catchey_annieshine8908.05.2019 16:23:02

That’s the advantages of living I europe though how I wish. 😂😂😂 @expertvagabond  lucky you and besides Europe has great education system and great benefits . 🙃 No wonder ppl are lax and chill not over worked and stress here in ammmmerika

Lifestyle Travelling (@lifestyle_travelling)
lifestyle_travelling10.05.2019 03:03:01


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