It's finally time to share my scariest (and dumbest?) travel story, from many years ago…
My run-in with a notorious Mexican drug cartel in the remot - Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond)
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Scott & Jaime (@awaywewinnebago)
awaywewinnebago03.04.2019 02:08:21

This was a great story. My scariest was a stare down with a mountain lion deep in the Canadian woods.

Becky Joy (@gritpursuits)
gritpursuits03.04.2019 02:14:09

My friend had her wallet stolen in China. In order to get the things lost reimbursed with travel insurance, we had to make a report at the police department. We went to the wrong police station, and the police couldn’t figure out how to give us directions to the correct police station since we don’t speak mandarin. Ultimately, they kindly decided to drive us there. The scary part started then. Driving down one-way streets the wrong way, honking, hitting a building as they tried to turn the vehicle around. 😂

ocassion photos Chih Mex & + (@jaimediaz66)
jaimediaz6603.04.2019 03:22:20

😱😱 Oh !!!

Angela Sinicrope (@angelasinicrope)
angelasinicrope03.04.2019 03:48:30

I have a few..but the most scared I’ve been was in a taxi in Fiji...of all places. We were told the cab broke down and were in the middle of nowhere at about 1AM. Men approached with knives. The cab driver said he could not fix it and we would be stuck for more than an hour. It was late and my husband jumped out of the cab to try to at least have a chance. I immediately pretended to call the resort we were staying in (with no actual international plan) and called for a ride. They seemed to back off and only took what we had on us. We continued on in a “fixed” taxi to our resort. What I’ve learned is, always be aware and don’t be too trusting of you’re surroundings. That night was full of red flags that were ignored and now I know better!

Dan Woodlief (@danwoodliefphotography)
danwoodliefphotography03.04.2019 04:06:06

That is frightening. I crested a hill in Yellowstone. Directly in front of me, at most 25 yards away was a big grizzly. It rose from the grass and walked directly toward me. I pulled my bear spray from the belt and backed slowly down the hill. The bear went back to eating. I took a few photos and headed out to find my family. It is a good story now; at first it was terrifying.

J.X. Smith (@_joe.x_)
_joe.x_03.04.2019 05:04:14

Woah. That’s a hell of a story. 😅

Teacher Ken (@teacher_ken_travels)
teacher_ken_travels03.04.2019 07:25:51

My scariest was a Malaysian dive company leaving me stranded alone in the middle of the ocean with sharks. It's not easy being the only #freediver  tagging along with a group of scuba divers.

Soul Wandering Travel (@soul_wandering_travel)
soul_wandering_travel03.04.2019 13:14:03

Loved your blog btw! Thanks for sharing :)

Katie (@domestiphobia)
domestiphobia03.04.2019 17:23:16

Actually one of my scariest was on that trip to Sweden! I wrote about it once. Doesn’t hold a candle to this story though 😳

Marawan ~ Time Traveling Nomad (@timetravelingnomad)
timetravelingnomad03.04.2019 17:55:45

I have been waiting for this post for a long time 😁 scariest I would say sitting on a sledge in a blizzard in the middle of Kamchatka 😅😅😅

𝙍𝙮𝙖𝙣 (@pausethemoment)
pausethemoment03.04.2019 19:22:39

I remember this story!

JA Bradley (@ja_bradley)
ja_bradley04.04.2019 00:25:29

Mexico makes a great example of the effectiveness of gun control. They’ve banned or restricted virtually everything, but only managed to disarm the innocent, honest people. The cartels and criminals are still quite well armed.

Jackie Rose, MPH (@letssitoutside)
letssitoutside04.04.2019 06:52:39

Getting caught in a bribery scheme between motorcycle dealers, the national military police, and a Liberian refugee in Burkina Faso in 2006. Scariest part was when the police showed us the prison cells where we would be held until our families paid up. This was before social media or travel with cell phones (at least for me). I remember thinking, they could do whatever they want and no one would even know where we were for days. Now I know to cut my losses and walk away way sooner!

Annes Shin (@annesshin)
annesshin05.04.2019 18:54:57


Kim Walker (@wanderluster_kim)
wanderluster_kim06.04.2019 14:37:56

Being thrown off a train at midnight in a desolate area of Issan Thailand with no way to communicate with the officials when I ran to jump back on and tried to convince them to let me stay Turns out my ticket was dated for the following day even though I boarded before midnight.

Sandy & Khal🏝 (@twoblondesjourney)
twoblondesjourney12.04.2019 02:11:38

I read the whole story in your blog, this experience was really scary, it is great that you did fine, don´t do it again, you now became a father, so you have to take care of yourself to rise that beautiful baby. Blessings :)

sugarsbeach14.04.2019 21:43:43

That was a fascinating story!

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