People dress up in all kinds of elaborate costumes during Carnival posing for photos around Venice's famous landmarks! 🎭
This is the Bridge of Sighs - Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond (@expertvagabond)
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Empaca y Vive (@empacayvive)
empacayvive31.03.2019 12:16:12


Sean Hale (@carryonsean)
carryonsean31.03.2019 14:55:01

Great photo. I went to Venice a couple of years ago and also what connects the old prison was the doges palace which was very interesting learning about the government at that time.

Al Tavares (@alzofrito)
alzofrito01.04.2019 12:21:44


Kim Walker (@wanderluster_kim)
wanderluster_kim02.04.2019 01:48:08

love, love, love! a unique take on one of my favorite scenes...

Tola (@hi_tola)
hi_tola02.04.2019 12:23:40


Alexis Carter (@sweetalexiscarter)
sweetalexiscarter04.04.2019 16:17:25

🚴💨🏨🚴🚁 Amazing pic! 🚗🚁🔥🚁

Black & White TULUM (@blackandwhitetulum)
blackandwhitetulum05.04.2019 10:07:35


Traveling Royals (@travelingroyals)
travelingroyals05.04.2019 16:51:12

🚆🏨🚴💨🚁 You go to some really beautiful places❗ 😂🏨🚗🏨

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
kirstenalana05.04.2019 23:28:49

I think the faces and the masks are almost creepy but the elaborate costumes really interest me. Definitely want to visit during that time one day.

Dusan Nesic ♉ (@dukanes)
dukanes06.04.2019 10:04:35

@expertvagabond  ✨👍🆒

Samantha Brown (@happysamanthabrown)
happysamanthabrown08.04.2019 23:39:27

🚆🏨🚴💨✈️ Awesome!❕ 😂🚵🚗💨❤️

Brightest Travel (@brightesttravel)
brightesttravel09.04.2019 19:46:52

😀 Don't know what I think about that 😉

Social Media (@travelmediaboost)
travelmediaboost11.04.2019 16:09:08

🌄🏨😂😂 Love it! 😉

Unbelievable Travel (@unbelievabletravel)
unbelievabletravel12.04.2019 16:05:27

🏨🌄🚗💨😂 You guys go to some really nice places! 🏨🚆🏩✈️

Carlos Vazquez (@miamimarketer)
miamimarketer13.04.2019 18:46:20


Mohamad Jahani (@mohamad.jahani_)
mohamad.jahani_14.04.2019 03:03:40

keep up the good work😉😉

Darek and Gosia (@darekandgosia_com)
darekandgosia_com19.04.2019 19:14:11

Halloween in April?!? 😉👺🤪

Kiki Aggeli (@karie_ag)
karie_ag26.04.2019 21:32:56

I need to take that trip!! it's not that far away from me! ✈

Rio Seven (@rodriguezsiii)
rodriguezsiii13.05.2019 00:06:18


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