Anna & I had a wonderful time island-hopping between Oahu & Kauai in Hawaii with @hawaiianairlines for the re-launch of their Hawaiian Airlines World - Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
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Ruta No Rutina (@rutanorutina)
rutanorutina10.11.2018 21:03:22

Amazing photo!

Suneil Holidays (@suneilholidays)
suneilholidays08.11.2018 19:23:37


LetsTravelDonnyBarnes (@donnymarcobarnes)
donnymarcobarnes06.11.2018 20:42:40

Awesome! So wish I lived in the US. This card would be a lot more useful then! Where in Oahu is this?

J E F F (@jeff_guab)
jeff_guab06.11.2018 06:00:54

you really good at surfing

✧ISAMAR✧ (@isamarmejia)
isamarmejia05.11.2018 22:27:37


T H A T G I R L (@cheicheix)
cheicheix04.11.2018 10:56:37

I was reading your article on how traveller bloggers earn money and ended up here lol.

Travel with Taylor (@brown.eyed.flower.child)
brown.eyed.flower.child02.11.2018 20:56:31

This is such an awesome shot!

Nomadic Dreamer (@1nomadicdreamer)
1nomadicdreamer02.11.2018 15:58:14

Wow this is amazing! It’s impressive that you are able to get up on the surfboard like this :-) Keep up the great work!

Frances Explores (@francesexplores)
francesexplores02.11.2018 15:03:50

This is amazing! I was in Hawaii for 10 days and its by far my fav place that I have ever been to!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Letícia Lisboa (@leticial7l)
leticial7l01.11.2018 02:56:33

So is yours! 🤙

Travel With No Regrets (@nomadgenie)
nomadgenie31.10.2018 09:06:13


DOM (@domsn2)
domsn229.10.2018 17:18:48

Love your content!

Victoria and Terrence (@followmeaway)
followmeaway29.10.2018 04:08:27

Omg what an epic shot!!!

HarshaEranda (@harshaeranda_insta)
harshaeranda_insta28.10.2018 11:46:54

More videos😲

F R E D D Y 🇩🇪 (@travel_fred)
travel_fred28.10.2018 11:14:35

Yeeeeeah boy 🤙🏼shaka

Layla✈ ℒoѕ Aɴɢᴇʟᴇѕ ᴛʀᴀᴠᴇʟ ɢɪʀʟ (@latravelgirl)
latravelgirl28.10.2018 04:18:54

Such a sick shot!

The Nicologue | Travel Blog 🖤 (@thenicologue)
thenicologue28.10.2018 02:03:42

Good shot! Go pro I'm guessing?

Dominika | The Blonde Flamingo (@theblondeflamingo)
theblondeflamingo27.10.2018 20:37:06

Wow how cool!!!

Caro (@cari7o89)
cari7o8927.10.2018 20:00:15

Such a cool shot

Kemal Kaya (@yoldaolmak)
yoldaolmak27.10.2018 19:55:54

You are flying

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