The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in Europe! Medieval architecture, dark alleyways, and a dramatic twisted history. No wo - Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
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sera_zayzay10.10.2018 02:11:40

Did my undergrad there. Best 4 years of my life

Jeremy Albelda (@theworldorbust)
theworldorbust09.10.2018 19:08:53

I was just there, very cool place.

Samantha (@jellytraveler)
jellytraveler09.10.2018 13:09:28


Cover-More UK (@covermoreuk)
covermoreuk09.10.2018 02:55:59

Awesome 😎

tahii_reza08.10.2018 18:59:31

That's ironic... right now I'm in Dunedin NZ which is Gaelic for Edinburgh. I want to visit Scotland but do you think it's too cold in November?

Boring Backpacker (@boringbackpacker)
boringbackpacker08.10.2018 15:16:59

Edinburgh is such a nice city. Feels small and welcoming but still has world class attractions

Yoggi 🇮🇳 and Susi 🇩🇪 ATG ✈️ (@yoggiandsusi_atg)
yoggiandsusi_atg08.10.2018 13:35:09

Ghost hunting. That is something I really want to do. 😃 I love those Scottish bagpipes. I can totally see myself playing it. Seems like you are having an incredible time in Europe.

Timea Merenyi (@merenyitimea46)
merenyitimea4608.10.2018 13:08:20

Amazing :) I am visiting Edinburg 2/11-5/11 so it’s going to be really nice and i am longing . Going to take some pictures so I can send you those to you :) @expertvagabond 

Annes Shin (@annesshin)
annesshin08.10.2018 10:40:26

Perfect shot ! 👍❤️

Bella Schuster (@bella.schu)
bella.schu08.10.2018 09:34:10

This looks like so much fun ❣️

Key (@keywanders)
keywanders08.10.2018 08:29:36

Can't believe I haven't been yet! 😬

Ben Szabo (@b3nk3)
b3nk308.10.2018 07:44:37

This guy has been rocking it in Edinbra for ages. I have a photo of him in a more summery outfit haha

Linda Wainwright (@madreislena)
madreislena08.10.2018 07:19:40

I adore Edinburgh. One if the biggest mistakes of my life was to turn down a job I was offered there!

Hollie Duncan (@hdizzle777)
hdizzle77708.10.2018 06:52:26

Did that photo cost you £1? They used to charge people for taking photos of the bagpipers when I lived there 😂 it's an awesome city. Go to Mary Kings Close it's the underground city it's awesome 👌

Mathilde Tanholdt Samson (@samsontravels)
samsontravels08.10.2018 06:33:25

so cultural! Love the diversity and I totally agree on Edinburgh being one of the best cities in Europe!

✈ Paul V Adventurous Traveler (@paulsholiday)
paulsholiday08.10.2018 05:42:04

Packed with history and culture! 😄

Adventures With The Labrums (@adventureswiththelabrums)
adventureswiththelabrums08.10.2018 02:52:17

I went there 20 years ago and lived it then. I would love to revisit. Excited to read your post.

Omar Ulises V.🎒🌎 (@omarrunstheworld)
omarrunstheworld08.10.2018 02:36:53

Lol oh man the nightlife is fun too 😂

Scott B (@scott61374)
scott6137408.10.2018 02:22:12

It was incredible I was there 3 days n barley scratched the surface!!!!

Free Spirit Wanderers 👣 (@modestescapes)
modestescapes08.10.2018 01:44:12


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