The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities in Europe! Medieval architecture, dark alleyways, and a dramatic twisted history. No wo - Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
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IRANTOURS (@aristaseir)
aristaseir08.10.2018 09:42:12

Come to Iran
Experience hidden world and treasures of Iran. Travel through this fascinating country with the refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads and shimmering deserts. Whether you're relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran, enjoying ancient cultural sites such Persepolis, tasting the delicious cuisine and making long lasting friendships you will love your time spend exploring this wonderful country.

Annes Shin (@annesshin)
annesshin08.10.2018 10:40:26

Perfect shot ! 👍❤️

Post-Italy 🇮🇹 (@post_italy)
post_italy08.10.2018 11:31:09

Really nice

Food + Travel (@somebodyfeedmallory)
somebodyfeedmallory08.10.2018 11:53:04

Definitely a city I’d like to visit!

Timea Merenyi (@poemsbytimea46)
poemsbytimea4608.10.2018 13:08:20

Amazing :) I am visiting Edinburg 2/11-5/11 so it’s going to be really nice and i am longing . Going to take some pictures so I can send you those to you :) @expertvagabond 

Yoggi 🇮🇳 and Susi 🇩🇪 ATG ✈️ (@yoggiandsusi_atg)
yoggiandsusi_atg08.10.2018 13:35:09

Ghost hunting. That is something I really want to do. 😃 I love those Scottish bagpipes. I can totally see myself playing it. Seems like you are having an incredible time in Europe.

Boring Backpacker (@boringbackpacker)
boringbackpacker08.10.2018 15:16:59

Edinburgh is such a nice city. Feels small and welcoming but still has world class attractions

Jocelyn❤️ (@josly_71)
josly_7108.10.2018 16:26:03


tahii_reza08.10.2018 18:59:31

That's ironic... right now I'm in Dunedin NZ which is Gaelic for Edinburgh. I want to visit Scotland but do you think it's too cold in November?

Cover-More UK (@covermoreuk)
covermoreuk09.10.2018 02:55:59

Awesome 😎

Samantha (@jellytraveler)
jellytraveler09.10.2018 13:09:28


Jeremy Albelda (@theworldorbust)
theworldorbust09.10.2018 19:08:53

I was just there, very cool place.

sera_zayzay10.10.2018 02:11:40

Did my undergrad there. Best 4 years of my life

dogbowlworld11.10.2018 14:22:53


bunnyhoppingtrails11.10.2018 18:10:05

Thank you for sharing your tips on things to do in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is on my must visit list. 😃

Jan_aw_janan 🚸🚺🚹 (@jan_aw_janan)
jan_aw_janan20.10.2018 17:58:46

Great !

Nupur (@nupursin)
nupursin01.11.2018 06:07:45

How #regal!!!  ♥️

Suneil Holidays (@suneilholidays)
suneilholidays08.11.2018 19:23:23


Hila⛱#student & #travel (@hila.1993)
hila.199322.11.2018 19:33:36


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