Planning a road trip in Iceland? Be prepared for 70mph winds, summer snow storms, killer sheep, and more! 🐑❄️🌋
Learn what you should know before emb - Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
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Sand In My Curls (@sandinmycurls1)
sandinmycurls103.08.2018 16:33:11

Love the clean tones of this picture. So beautiful. And the little cloud to the right under the sun looks like a hang loose sign!

Anna Jensen-Stewart (@palindromeroams)
palindromeroams03.08.2018 16:28:28

Will definitely be checking that out...want to get out there in the next year!

Chris • Lessons Learned Abroad (@lessonslearnedabroad)
lessonslearnedabroad03.08.2018 16:14:44

If you don’t almost hit a sheep on the road can you really say you’ve been to Iceland? 🧐

Alyson (@saltyhoney)
saltyhoney03.08.2018 15:51:44

Don’t forget the single-lane tunnels! Right, @subgymteach 

ALEX - SWEDISH NOMAD  🇸🇪 🇸🇪 🇸🇪 (@swedishnomad)
swedishnomad03.08.2018 15:50:28

I miss Iceland and the crazy Weather

Ana Anes (@anamarganes)
anamarganes03.08.2018 15:49:16

The photo is amazing 👏👏👏 killer sheep? 😂

Free Spirit Wanderers 👣 (@modestescapes)
modestescapes03.08.2018 15:41:53

Iceland is so beautiful!

Gustavo BA (@tavoadem)
tavoadem03.08.2018 15:41:43

Totally worth the road trip. Landscapes are so diverse and dramatic! Will take a look at the post later dude.

MyShariAmour (@myshariamour1)
myshariamour103.08.2018 15:34:50

I'm actually on a road trip in Iceland as I type this...Its summer here now and not experiencing any of what u typed here...I guess it depends on the time of year you travel to Iceland! 😂🙌

Mads & Camilla 🇩🇰🇩🇰 (@backpackernedk)
backpackernedk03.08.2018 15:45:42

Awesome!! 😍

LiaSGold (@liasweetgold)
liasweetgold03.08.2018 15:26:13


Erin Kindl Guinan (@eringuinan)
eringuinan03.08.2018 19:22:16


Rommel Paras (@rommelparas)
rommelparas04.08.2018 02:43:34


The Wandering Skater (@thewanderingskater)
thewanderingskater04.08.2018 05:08:04

Thats incredible

Dara (@hometown_tour_co)
hometown_tour_co04.08.2018 03:48:34


Patricia Sanbar (@patricia_snchz)
patricia_snchz04.08.2018 09:25:41


Fatih's Catch Of Life 🌈🌈🌈 (@fatihscatchoflife)
fatihscatchoflife04.08.2018 05:40:24

Sounds like a must to read 👌

Erik Krause (@erikkrause_)
erikkrause_04.08.2018 04:15:01

Iceland is such a fascinating place, how cold was it when you've been there?

Megan Burke (@megginbark)
megginbark04.08.2018 02:10:12

Just went in March!!! The wind was so surprising I thought we would actually blow away!

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