Hunting wild orchids in the misty tree canopy of Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. 🌳🌺
#costarica🇨🇷 #monteverde #puravida #cloudforest #b... - Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
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Layla👣 Gypsy Travel Nurse (@latravelgirl)
latravelgirl12.03.2018 20:16:06

I miss it there! PURA VIDA!

Hit the Globe Travel (@hittheglobetravel)
hittheglobetravel12.03.2018 20:17:28

I enjoyed my adventure in Monteverde. Did you do a coffee tour? I highly recommend El Trapiche. 😎

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 20:18:33

@latravelgirl  the atmosphere there was really cool

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 20:19:40

@hittheglobetravel  so much good coffee in that region!

Annette Kovar McLaughlin (@annettekovar)
annettekovar12.03.2018 20:20:12

I love Monteverde!

Héctor Mesén (@howiscostarica)
howiscostarica12.03.2018 20:23:05

Are you here?

Hit the Globe Travel (@hittheglobetravel)
hittheglobetravel12.03.2018 20:23:46

@expertvagabond  I have always been a tea kind of gal, but I drank so much coffee and hot chocolate while in Costa Rica. LOL ☕🍵

Veronica (@speechologist)
speechologist12.03.2018 20:27:48

One of my favorite places!

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 20:28:58

@howiscostarica  no this was a few years ago. 👍🏼

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 20:29:31

@speechologist  Costa Rica has a bit of everything!

Ralf Ibelshäuser (@ralfibelshauser)
ralfibelshauser12.03.2018 20:47:20

Would love to walk through that forest. You know which season is the best to go there?

Windsor Adventure Inc. (@windsoradventureinc)
windsoradventureinc12.03.2018 20:48:41

One of our favourite spots!

spoon-n-shoes (@spoonnshoes)
spoonnshoes12.03.2018 21:20:03


Susan Elizabeth (@susanelizabethweddings)
susanelizabethweddings12.03.2018 21:22:19

@mtfarmtables  no 🙅🏻‍♀️ nope 👎🏻

MT Farm Tables (@mtfarmtables)
mtfarmtables12.03.2018 21:24:52

@susanelizabethweddings  yasss! 🌁

Free Spirit Wanderers 👣 (@modestescapes)
modestescapes12.03.2018 21:33:26

Nice one!!!👍👍👍

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 21:38:46

@ralfibelshauser  it’s a bit rainy year round here, but March/April is usually good.

Sirjana Abhishek (@boardingadventure)
boardingadventure12.03.2018 21:45:08


Upendo (@upendo_official)
upendo_official12.03.2018 21:49:15

Such an underrated country 😍 We even considered putting it in our Expert Mode section, but only had room for 10 places on Earth 🌍

Erin Kindl Guinan (@eringuinan)
eringuinan12.03.2018 21:57:35

Aren’t there cool tree house hotels?

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond12.03.2018 21:58:24

@eringuinan  yes there are! 😆

KELLY PILLAR (@theawkwardtourist)
theawkwardtourist12.03.2018 22:22:18

Sounds like a good Monday

Marie Schaller (@maries719)
maries71912.03.2018 22:29:35

Heading there in two days with my Sony 📷😎🌋🏝

Skylar Foxx (@skyadrift)
skyadrift12.03.2018 22:50:34

My God I'm in love with this picture.

M. Marquez Vargas💜 (@michellieee.26)
michellieee.2612.03.2018 23:05:23

I LOVE THAT PLACE! August is just as beautiful

💫Keri Ann (@diaryofawanderluster)
diaryofawanderluster12.03.2018 23:08:40

I've been here!

Kristina Elizabeth (@buffalonina)
buffalonina12.03.2018 23:10:07

I loooveeee monteverde

Ralf Ibelshäuser (@ralfibelshauser)
ralfibelshauser12.03.2018 23:34:39

@expertvagabond  Rainy is ok for me if the destination is nice 😊 Thanks for the info

wandering_vet (@cavanaghkat)
cavanaghkat13.03.2018 01:15:33

One of my fave places in the world .. hummingbird heaven. Pura Vida 💞

Le Bon Lifestyle (@lebonlifestyle)
lebonlifestyle13.03.2018 02:50:35

I love tree walks

Hélia 🇫🇷 | Voyage Voyage ✈︎ (@heliabananita)
heliabananita13.03.2018 04:15:18

Just magic pic ❤️❤️❤️

Akashlina_Goswami12 (@akashlina_goswami12)
akashlina_goswami1213.03.2018 10:13:00

wooowww 💕💕

TripHound (@thetriphound)
thetriphound13.03.2018 10:23:15

No anacondas I hope 😉

Fatih's Catch Of Life 🌈🌈🌈 (@fatihscatchoflife)
fatihscatchoflife13.03.2018 12:09:53

Will you share photo of them in your stories ? 😍

Gonçalo • Traveling Simplified (@thetraveltool)
thetraveltool13.03.2018 13:18:46

I don't know why but my first tought about this photo was the post you wrote a couple of years ago, about your hike in the north of Spain. I will never forget the shoes you used and I even tought that you used a normal sandals. I bet you miss that journey Matt. Cheers from Azores Islands! Have an amazing day 😊

Travel...Discover Spain. (@ambientlightspain)
ambientlightspain13.03.2018 13:45:33

Love the contrasting colors!

FROM HERE (@toursfromhere)
toursfromhere13.03.2018 14:51:05


Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:22:55

@thetraveltool  The Caminito! Haha. Such a crazy hike. 🙈

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:23:41

@ambientlightspain  thanks! 👍🏼

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:23:51

@toursfromhere  appreciate it.

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:24:12

@fatihscatchoflife  this was from a few years ago...

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:24:37

@thetriphound  not that we found, however we saw big cat tracks!

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond13.03.2018 16:25:15

@cavanaghkat  it is! We saw a bunch at a bird park nearby too.

Tom Birchall (@travelingtb)
travelingtb13.03.2018 17:00:15

It looks incredible 😧

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
kirstenalana13.03.2018 17:19:18

Been there!! It was so pretty!

Gonçalo • Traveling Simplified (@thetraveltool)
thetraveltool13.03.2018 17:47:00

@expertvagabond  I would have loved to do the hike when you did it. It is great that there is more security now but I can imagine the adrenaline at that time 😀

massipil_ph (@massipil_ph)
massipil_ph13.03.2018 19:35:08

I'll be there in few days!

Fatih's Catch Of Life 🌈🌈🌈 (@fatihscatchoflife)
fatihscatchoflife13.03.2018 23:56:44

@expertvagabond  ok

CRISTEL & CLARK (@madventurists)
madventurists14.03.2018 02:50:26

Wow! 🙌🏽

To Eatch Their Own (@toeatchtheirown)
toeatchtheirown14.03.2018 11:09:40

Awesome shot! We were here last week ❤️

Grahamp (@grahamp34)
grahamp3414.03.2018 16:43:24

Walked over it myself a few months ago 🙈👍🏼

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond15.03.2018 08:27:55

@toeatchtheirown  how was the weather?

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond15.03.2018 08:28:17

@grahamp34  sweet! See any orchids?

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond15.03.2018 08:28:52

@massipil_ph  have fun! Go early in the morning, right when it opens.

Matthew Karsten (@expertvagabond)
expertvagabond15.03.2018 08:29:11

@travelingtb  thanks! Appreciate that.

Grahamp (@grahamp34)
grahamp3415.03.2018 08:33:51

@expertvagabond  I didn’t actually. We were keeping an eye out for sloths and quetzals which we saw eventually!

To Eatch Their Own (@toeatchtheirown)
toeatchtheirown15.03.2018 10:36:57

@expertvagabond  fantastic! We worked our way down the peninsula crossed over on the ferry and up through the northern half. We went through Nomad America. Thanks to you!! What a way to see the country a different way. Best trip of our lives!!

massipil_ph (@massipil_ph)
massipil_ph15.03.2018 11:43:34

@expertvagabond  yeah! Thanks! I'd like to do a night tour, have you done it?

Timothy Sunday 🎥📷☕️🏔 (@timothysundayjr)
timothysundayjr15.03.2018 13:39:20

Super Cool pic! Keep up the great work you are doing!

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