The last few days of traveling through the Swiss Alps has been spectacular! These are some of the most picturesque mountains in the world and as well - Gary Arndt (@everythingeverywhere)
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Greg Balzer (@gregbalzer)
gregbalzer03.08.2018 12:26:22

My great grandfather’s home Canton.

Margo (Marina) (@margonovpost)
margonovpost03.08.2018 09:44:37

Very nise photo!!!

CSD (@101doggiemom)
101doggiemom03.08.2018 05:04:27


Elaine Schoch (@elaineschoch)
elaineschoch03.08.2018 01:54:25

Looks amazing! Were you in an open car to get this shot?

Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
kirstenalana02.08.2018 19:51:46

Really beautiful, Gary.

Kit Parks (@parks.kit)
parks.kit02.08.2018 19:35:38

Absolutely stunning Gary! Looks like some fabulous hiking I need to put on my ever growing list

HaiHui Story🌍Travel Blog (@haihuistory_blog)
haihuistory_blog02.08.2018 18:24:04

Fantastic shot!♥

Tyler Rhind (@trhind)
trhind02.08.2018 18:07:40

So good

Ana Anes (@anamarganes)
anamarganes02.08.2018 18:01:29

That train trip must be really awesome. I definitely have to do it. The photo is amazing 👏👏👏

explorationvacation (@explorationvacation)
explorationvacation02.08.2018 17:46:22

You are making me think I need to get back to Switzerland. Gorgeous.

Isabel (hiking & touristing) (@malayaesunnombredegato)
malayaesunnombredegato02.08.2018 17:01:27

Really beautiful!!!

Eat Well and Be Happy! 😊🍝 (@vadimsphoto)
vadimsphoto02.08.2018 16:55:48

Simply AMAZING! 😍

Marg Gauley (@marginsaskatoon)
marginsaskatoon02.08.2018 16:44:41

Incredibly beautiful! :)

Zas Meyer (@zasmeyer)
zasmeyer02.08.2018 16:42:07


Mandy Labi (@speedyturtle21)
speedyturtle2102.08.2018 16:33:30

Looks stunning!!

Alexandra☀travel, health, yoga (@crazysexyfuntraveler)
crazysexyfuntraveler02.08.2018 16:32:10

Picture perfect 🏔🏔🏔

Marg Gauley (@marginsaskatoon)
marginsaskatoon02.08.2018 20:51:48

I can hardly wait to see the non- iPhone version. This one amazing! :)

Persian Facts 🇮🇷 حقایق ناب 👽 (
facts.nab07.08.2018 11:46:04


Mark L (@dapperland)
dapperland07.08.2018 06:32:17


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