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Larry Banks (@powderpanda)
powderpanda16.08.2018 19:43:41

My best friend who I truly love to see everyday and watch her grow as a person. So much truth to this for people to always look at you and your partners strengths & passions, support each other’s desires and you’ll be rich with love and respect. Love you @yvonneaitkenfit  🤗❤️ #panhandlebackcountry  @panhandlebackcountry  🙌

Yvonne Aitken (@yvonnemarieaitken)
yvonnemarieaitken17.08.2018 03:39:10

Your sport amazes me!!! #jawdropping  #justsoyaknow  #idontdosnow  😘😘😘😘😘

valSioux (@valsioux)
valsioux23.08.2018 13:09:18

Love this. So happy for you both!!