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24.03.2018 06:09:01
A day on which a little princess was born❤. The day which had a beau...
24/03/1996 A day on which a little princess was born❤. The day which had a beautiful sister in store even before I was born. . You are now 22 years old! We are growing up a way too fast 😐. I wish we could just jump into the childhood phase and stay young forever 🙂. Akka, I have to confess that this life of me would've been totally different and incomplete without you ❤. Here's a toast to the artist, architect, singer, chocolate lover, the blend of many things❤. . Now that it's just 22 down and a tonne lot to go! We know how much we are going through the past few years but let me tell you that nothing goes in vain especially the pain! The beauty is in endurance that made us strong! No matter what the situation was... Be it a happy moment to a crying scene, we were always together and we will be❤. Sibling bond is the purest of all❤ . Here I wish the world's best sister HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKKA!!! ❤. I truly not just wish... I also promise to be the part of beautiful journey ahead :). . This post means a lot to me as it happens to be the first personnel post ever since the #nikon_d7200 has come after May 7,2017. . Somewhere between playing with building blocks to building portfolios, the path is leading! . I wish that this portrait of yours deserves to be in my profile as the portfolio builds! . Wait.. This is too lengthy now.. Lemme complete with a YUVVIEEE! 🤣😂 P.S: Sorry for the delayed post! I was sick :( . #nikond7200photography#nikon#portraitphotography#portrait#nikond7200#love#siblinglove
24.03.2018 06:10:18
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