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Panda Protocol (@pandaprotocol)
pandaprotocol16.11.2018 20:03:51


SHAM! (@fashionkillasham)
fashionkillasham16.11.2018 20:04:17

This is Dope. 🔥💪

YounG'GBeats (@younggproductions)
younggproductions16.11.2018 20:07:47

Heyo i am a producer and im doing this almost full time,i been doing collabs and i have collected over $1000 worth of Electra X Presets for $50 from CashmoneyAP Zaytoven Dj Shawdi P Ave Mcree and can dm me for more info,& check me out on IG and YouTube

MB Salone 🇸🇱 (@mb_salone)
mb_salone16.11.2018 20:45:17


wrckitjavi16.11.2018 21:13:57

Nigga this shit hard af

24 Out Now‼️💰 (@bbf_webby)
bbf_webby16.11.2018 22:14:16


TreatMeat (@sugarfacegirl)
sugarfacegirl17.11.2018 01:17:52

Why am I all hyped?!? Dammit, my sons are the realest!

homealxne (@homealxne)
homealxne17.11.2018 13:34:25

Sounds really good 🔥🔥 checky beats, should collab

Clark Make Hits 🔥 (@hardrapbeats)
hardrapbeats17.11.2018 14:23:44

You really going in! I want to work with you DM me ASAP

DopePianoLoops (@dopepianoloops)
dopepianoloops22.11.2018 13:27:55

You got real skill at this! If you need help selling beats DM me ASAP

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