Bought this gem the other day at Walmart because of the cover, and then when I went to @barnesandnoble I saw that it was on a newly released fantasy s... - OhBookReader (@ohbookreader)
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Ebook Launch (@ebooklaunch)
ebooklaunch19.09.2017 21:59:41

Nice pic! 📝 📚

OhBookReader (@ohbookreader)
ohbookreader19.09.2017 22:00:14

@ebooklaunch  thank you!!! 💕

Video & Photo Production (@videpho)
videpho19.09.2017 22:18:08

So cool

Ashley C. Harris (@ashley_c_harris)
ashley_c_harris19.09.2017 22:48:05

Great work!

OhBookReader (@ohbookreader)
ohbookreader19.09.2017 22:49:03

@ashley_c_harris  thanks so much! ❤️

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