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Miles Bridges (@milesbridges)
milesbridges03.06.2019 03:46:53


Johnathan (@papabeargigi69)
papabeargigi6903.06.2019 03:19:18

Big win? You only won by 5 points tf 😂😂😂😂😂

Straight Out The Yo🦍💫 (@shemoan._dmv)
shemoan._dmv03.06.2019 03:17:39

The emotional lesbian back

Jazzy (@jacob.owens_)
jacob.owens_03.06.2019 03:17:42

Green your not good get carried by Steph and klay anymore

Jared (@j.yaretz)
j.yaretz03.06.2019 03:17:35

Raps vs refs smh

Tommie (@tellit_likeitisss)
tellit_likeitisss03.06.2019 03:21:56

Y’all realize every single time the warriors win y’all scream about the refs ? It’s pathetic

borisr_1203.06.2019 03:18:23

Warriors vs Refs all game 😤

Mr. Sanderson (@jrray)
jrray03.06.2019 03:23:28

Is it me or is Durant fake happy, dude doesn't want them to win for the narrative to be they can win without me lol.

Zao_Kezholeto (@kezholeto_zao_junior)
kezholeto_zao_junior03.06.2019 03:21:31

They deserve it. Klay out, Looney out, no K.D. Still kept it going till the end. Heart of a champion. This is why it always feels good being a Warriors fan. No matter how many games or how much they lose. 🔥💯✌️

DeMarcus Cousins FANPAGE (@gsdemarcuscousins)
gsdemarcuscousins03.06.2019 03:19:23

Demarcus Cousins the beast 🐐🐐

Daniel (@danielabergel_)
danielabergel_03.06.2019 03:17:34

PG be like
To be honest that was a bad shot

Mike Landry (@mikelandry24)
mikelandry2403.06.2019 03:23:39

Congrats to the refs and GS for taking this game

Andra Putra (@andraputraaaa)
andraputraaaa03.06.2019 03:18:25

Wait for game 3, raptors will win

Tre Tre (@__tretre___)
__tretre___03.06.2019 03:17:11

Raptors gone take game 3

Christian (@christian170802)
christian17080203.06.2019 03:17:23

Refs bailed out the raps at the end 😂😭🙈

Ronn Vicson Torrente (@torrentechi)
torrentechi03.06.2019 03:20:57

Raps will eat gsw on their home floor mark my words.

Mr. overtime (@overtime_mr)
overtime_mr03.06.2019 03:17:32

Siri, play Marvin's Room 😔

Susane Santos (@susanesantos)
susanesantos03.06.2019 03:19:28

The best team!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Matin Shakerian (@matinshakerian)
matinshakerian03.06.2019 03:16:42

Get new refs

secret.joey03.06.2019 03:17:44

Raps 38% more freethrows. But it’s the refs. Keep crying clowns

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