Photo by @renan_ozturk // winter blessings for all those in the northern hemisphere as our great earth tilts further from the sun this next month, app - National Geographic Travel (@natgeotravel)
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Jimmy Gelhaar (@alabamer)
alabamer06.12.2018 03:53:53

Wouldn’t it be more apropos to say the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun? Not the entire earth. And it’s not the tilt moving us further from the sun that cools us down, it’s the fewer hours of solar radiation. I know I’m being that guy I’m the comments. Sorry! 😂

Totally sweet picture by the way. The eyes are killer. Great job!!!

Diego Aguiňaga (@diegoaguiron)
diegoaguiron06.12.2018 04:18:49


✈️🎧🎉🍽⛷🏊🏻‍♀️🏖 (@kimduckpal)
kimduckpal06.12.2018 03:34:03

@euxzin  장군이랑은완전다른포스

Kevin Bu 😎 (@kevin.bu.quintero)
kevin.bu.quintero06.12.2018 03:29:55


nagoal (@nagoal)
nagoal06.12.2018 04:19:36


Thomas Monnier (@memeuch)
memeuch06.12.2018 12:24:37

@matteijulie  😍

Emilio Armijo (@emilio.armijo)
emilio.armijo06.12.2018 04:09:14

Love this shot! 😍

d1rte06.12.2018 03:33:02

@karlyncb , @curtis_l8  , @christinegilman , it’s Burleigh’s evil twin!!

L M (@ludmilamilivinti_)
ludmilamilivinti_06.12.2018 03:50:11


Christine (@mslamas81)
mslamas8106.12.2018 03:30:12

@mynameismyname203  look at those eyes

Chrissy Corcoran (@chrissycorcoran)
chrissycorcoran06.12.2018 05:26:04

@joelicciardi9  I feel like u would appreciate this

Kurt Courtney (@kurtcourtney)
kurtcourtney06.12.2018 05:01:35


Hailey Mahler (@hailey.mahler)
hailey.mahler06.12.2018 05:10:27

@mahler09  this looks just like Apollo

Niklas Glatting (@niklasglatting)
niklasglatting06.12.2018 04:41:25

@annamajoor  😍

WRS (@jonutkub)
jonutkub06.12.2018 04:11:08

@lilholly____  แงแพ้อีกแร้ว

Al🧘🏽‍♀️ (@alex.branton)
alex.branton06.12.2018 03:56:49


Maria Kourkoutsaki (@maria_krk)
maria_krk06.12.2018 03:52:04


Carl (@cjffour)
cjffour06.12.2018 03:39:32

@pmac4  @gavbavs  me

яшма (@jaspebf)
jaspebf07.12.2018 08:30:13


Stephanie Thomas (@stephthomas2992)
stephthomas299206.12.2018 12:28:48


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