Photo by Ismail Ferdous @ismailferdous | Mohamad and Leila El Saho bathe their daughter, Sendos. The Saho family fled war-torn Syria and now lives und - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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_Bannaji_Rocks_ (@abhisinh_zankat)
abhisinh_zankat03.06.2019 06:48:44

Nice capture

Hana (@hana_b0nanza)
hana_b0nanza03.06.2019 06:51:21

Heartbreaking. Look at their clothes. Who suffers more from war/terrorism than the Muslim people?! No one in the world should be living like this. Arab leaders have enough money to provide a small house and basic necessities for all these families. Shame. 😔

Jamilah (@gypsy.jam)
gypsy.jam03.06.2019 07:16:13

And they have it in them to smile. 😢Really does put so many things in perspective

Sarah Stephen (@sarrahstephen)
sarrahstephen03.06.2019 07:30:22

This just shows what lengths parents will go for their kids ♥

Vamc (@cam_lust)
cam_lust03.06.2019 06:53:39

This photo has many stories 💯💯

ItsJosette 🖕🏼 (@josettegzeaiter)
josettegzeaiter03.06.2019 06:49:56

Thank you Lebanon for giving these people a home and a place to bathe! May god bless your country.

Aικατερίvη Oτρακsίs (@katherineotrakji)
katherineotrakji03.06.2019 06:52:42

Thank you for showing that life is not always glitters and gold 💓

Budi Sutrisno (@budi.sutrisno777)
budi.sutrisno77703.06.2019 07:20:11

Wars are only make a lot of pains and suffers, especially for children..very sad 😢

Akshay (@androsil987)
androsil98703.06.2019 08:59:38

Lebanon and Syria have stood with each other in times of crisis. The Western powers and Arabic perpetrators responsible for this should be punished in a trial like Nuremberg along with all sympathisers.

Amrita Acharya (@acharya_amreeta)
acharya_amreeta03.06.2019 07:31:13

So sad... my prayers for them ... God bless them. 🙏

Gerda (@gerdationespain)
gerdationespain03.06.2019 07:52:23

And making the best of the worst. Heroe parents

Natalya Yarandina (@natalya.yarandina)
natalya.yarandina03.06.2019 06:55:39


Libraszki (@libraszki)
libraszki03.06.2019 06:49:18

So sad... but at least the family is safe now...

Jill Dobkin (@jilldobkin)
jilldobkin03.06.2019 08:59:09

How do these people do it? The resilience and strength to carry on blows my mind.

Maíra Marques (@mairalilam)
mairalilam03.06.2019 07:02:18

The story behind this picture it’s so sad 😞 however it’s a nice picture 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Christian | Canon Gear Visuals (@unique.depth)
unique.depth03.06.2019 06:51:36

But they love each other and that’s what’s count 😍🔝🔝🔝

freddyV (@nek47)
nek4703.06.2019 07:03:42


Viyan•*•فيغان 🌝 (@v1yan_)
v1yan_03.06.2019 06:51:08


Paulo (@wilderness.hiker)
wilderness.hiker03.06.2019 06:53:25

Very interesting 😮

caterinab712003.06.2019 07:30:43

God bless you 🙏 ❤

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