Photo by @stephenwilkes | A view from the archives: The athleticism and force of Michael Jordan is truly exemplified when seen in person. Aside from b - National Geographic (@natgeo)
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Adam (@thehoochabides)
thehoochabides13.04.2019 05:48:22

Exemplified kindness? Do your research natgeo.

Jordan (@jdogg907)
jdogg90713.04.2019 05:08:06

I had this on a card it came with some Jordan 4s

Edan Dixon (@e_z_d)
e_z_d13.04.2019 06:16:06

Never knew Jordan to be a kind

bandolero_oeb13.04.2019 05:16:44

I remember getting that poster in my Wheaties box one time.

arjay neyra | travel✈️ (@arjayneyra)
arjayneyra13.04.2019 05:28:48

So much legend-ness in one shot.. literally 🏀

Mclaren Spencer (@mclarenspencer)
mclarenspencer13.04.2019 05:26:59

Best MJ photo of all time?

akarsh (@light_911)
light_91113.04.2019 06:26:38

All hail Jordan for his kindness...

Zach Sanders (@stuckonarockphoto)
stuckonarockphoto13.04.2019 05:06:37

Best shot I have seen in a long time 😍

Damian Jon (@honeybadger_ontherun)
honeybadger_ontherun13.04.2019 06:06:45

The GOAT 🐐

Jeffrey B. Meyers (@jeffrey.b.meyers)
jeffrey.b.meyers13.04.2019 05:22:45

Fantastic pic of his airness

Sam Musselman 🌴⏳ (@sammusselman98)
sammusselman9813.04.2019 05:14:43

Looks photoshopped

kresstro (@kresstro)
kresstro13.04.2019 06:10:51

My uncle had this poster and handed it down to me in the 80’s. Not sure where it is now but wish I still had it. Great nostalgia.

Nasrin (@nasrin_sanatkar)
nasrin_sanatkar13.04.2019 05:18:15


Cole Mentzel (@cole_mentzel)
cole_mentzel13.04.2019 06:10:44

Incredible picture. Can’t imagine playing a pickup game with my friends and having Michael Jordan show up.

🌼Akhlas barzani🌼 (@akhlas_barzani)
akhlas_barzani13.04.2019 05:28:46


Guillermo Rivera (@ibringcups)
ibringcups13.04.2019 05:17:02

I have this poster

Zach Welsh (Welsheimer) (@frabbajabba)
frabbajabba13.04.2019 05:06:39

Love this vintage pic

Veronica ♥ (
_veronica.ch13.04.2019 05:17:45


Abhinesh (@abhinesh_kharel)
abhinesh_kharel13.04.2019 05:08:34


Mhoytia Muhammad (@mhoytia)
mhoytia13.04.2019 06:05:57

I ate Wheaties just to collect Jordan posters. I think this was one of them. 😍

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