Do you follow trends — or do you break them?

This elliptical galaxy — Messier 59 — is one of the three main kinds of galaxies, along with spirals and - NASA (@nasa)
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ESA (@europeanspaceagency)
europeanspaceagency02.06.2019 17:07:50


T E K M E Z👑 (@emretkmz)
emretkmz03.06.2019 09:17:19

Yaşa Mustafa Kemal Paşa yaşa

Jayden Carter (@jj_hmu)
jj_hmu02.06.2019 17:06:29

Wow it looks so fake it must be real

lilnutterbutter (@bl3ach)
bl3ach02.06.2019 17:06:12

ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ `ヽ 、ヽ`🌙`ヽヽ`ヽ、ヽ`ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ 、``、 `、ヽ` 、` ヽ`ヽ、ヽ `、ヽ``、ヽ、``、`、ヽ``、 、ヽヽ`、`、、ヽヽ、``、 、 ヽ`、ヽ``、ヽ`ヽ`、、ヽ `ヽ 、🚶ヽ``ヽ、``ヽ`

bang_bang50802.06.2019 18:33:30

They could literally tell you this was anything and you’d believe it

THE ONE 🚙💨 (@mat_glow)
mat_glow02.06.2019 17:51:06

people just want to believe that a person will someday fly into a distant space and find life on other planets. but as the saying goes: it's easier to deceive a person than to make him believe that he was deceived ...! since your childhood you were inspired to be round, so you believed it, but the reality is completely different. NASA or SpaceX spends billions of dollars on its flights, do you think it is profitable for you to tell you that they have never been in space above the stratosphere? and that they can never do that. it is better for them to say that they will go to Mars in 10-15 years, and during this time while you wait they will master additional billions ....

•••moi••• (@moses1977_)
moses1977_02.06.2019 18:05:18

Flat earthers vs man on the moon believers 🍿

Joe Rchecka (
cratedigging.co02.06.2019 17:08:20

Why would you ask a bunch of flat earthers if they break trends? They'll consider it ammo since they broke up with the logic sector of their own head years ago and they revel in it.

Brandon Ragasa (@brandonyah)
brandonyah02.06.2019 17:05:53

that was deep, nasa

ni.z.xa02.06.2019 17:06:55

What s the difference between a star and a planet ?

Cypress Hill (@cypresshill)
cypresshill02.06.2019 17:05:35


• t a y l o r • (@_tayy_bayy)
_tayy_bayy02.06.2019 17:20:52

So that’s a whole nother galaxy?

<333 (@therealnio)
therealnio03.06.2019 13:12:27

So yall lied about the moon landing but yall expect us to believe this??.... ok😑

Frank James (@ninja_jame64)
ninja_jame6402.06.2019 19:09:14

How do you map space? Where is the starting point?where is up and down or east and west? I really would like to know.

Paul Alex V. (@paulex5)
paulex502.06.2019 17:14:51

Are you ppl who work at nasa not amazed every day of your work?! God it must be amazing! Surely some days might not be the most exciting but still.. you guys are awesome! 🤘❤

IRONCHILD ( 17:17:12

Long ago we praised the stars as living beings. And had respect for them and ourselves. As science has told us what to believe, we have lost that. The tree of knowledge was not to be eaten 🌌🌳🍎🔬🔭📡

David Mitchell (@miatakid99)
miatakid9902.06.2019 18:57:23

The first picture the theoretical white hole😀😀😂😂😂😂😂

Laura Rogers (@laurarogers6953)
laurarogers695302.06.2019 17:29:21

Thank you NASA for always bringing the stars to me!

R.I.P Albert (@atlantis.xvi)
atlantis.xvi03.06.2019 17:50:21


NASA (@kaleb.urbanski)
kaleb.urbanski02.06.2019 18:19:53

When yall gonna explore another galaxy?

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