Like a kaleidoscope of light, this ancient galaxy cluster shimmers into view. Among the identified background objects, there is a galaxy thought to ha - NASA (@nasa)
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Emily Myers (@eem_2nd_account)
eem_2nd_account11.05.2019 16:03:33

The big bang never happened. God is the creator of ALL things. The earth is only a few thousand years old.

msl7aaa11.05.2019 15:04:41

Is this a lie?

גַבְרִיאֵל (@gjmwolmarans)
gjmwolmarans11.05.2019 15:27:47

🤔 you’re greatly exaggerating, light was the first to be formed, and you don’t understand light yet, so how can you claim it’s 500 million years old if you haven’t been alive that long?

Nathaniel Sapp (@nateczap)
nateczap11.05.2019 15:11:10

This image has been photoshopped

Cris McCabe (@angelofgod1997)
angelofgod199711.05.2019 15:23:10

Not a real authentic picture, stop lying to people

Michael Garcar™ (@michaelgarcar)
michaelgarcar11.05.2019 15:11:24

fake image

m. (@usssuck)
usssuck11.05.2019 15:05:05

the universe is my inspiration.

Jerry Chadwick (@jerrychadwick12)
jerrychadwick1211.05.2019 15:07:33

This is photoshopped! The earth is flat!!!

saucyyjuixy11.05.2019 15:53:02

The earth is flat.. stop lying to us!

בריאן יו (@brianhugh)
brianhugh12.05.2019 07:01:07

The big bang is pseudo science BS

Jane Negri (@grammynegri)
grammynegri11.05.2019 15:20:58

After God created all!🙌🏻

Allie (@allieprima)
allieprima11.05.2019 15:34:24

Isn’t it possible that these galaxies don’t exist anymore since it took billions of years for the light to reach here?? 🤯

Jean franco (@jfpjeanfranco)
jfpjeanfranco11.05.2019 16:31:00


~M |She Doesn't Follow😭 (@hollyhisbeauty)
hollyhisbeauty11.05.2019 15:38:23

ahhh i wish i can see this real not on insta💖

Island Man (@da_commander)
da_commander11.05.2019 17:17:07

Exodus:20 God created the universe & Adam & Eve already old in 6days & 6nights. He made Adam & Eve old enough to immediately pro-create about 6000 yrs ago according to Biblical genealogy in Genesis,Matthew & Luke. He created each and everything having a particular function in perfect harmony but then sin entered. OOPS😬 Everything started dying & falling apart! Young earth & universe

Himmat Bakshi (@the_real_himmat)
the_real_himmat11.05.2019 15:57:38

The earth is flat

David irvine (@davidirvines)
davidirvines11.05.2019 22:44:59

It's only ancient from our perspective. Imagine all the advanced civilizations out there. It's a little bit scary when you understand the theory of relativity.

🇮🇳 Balu Lal Jat ® (@balu_lal_jat)
balu_lal_jat11.05.2019 15:09:57

Who is believed in ancient galaxy cluster pictures of the nasa

David (@davo_24)
davo_2412.05.2019 17:43:48

NASA you loose your credibility. The big bang even to this day is merely a THEORY! ...On top an extreeeme ridiculous one, with zero evidence. Very suspicious that you use the million-trillion-billion numbers for everything you don't have a real scientific explanation for.

JAC (@f.e_painter)
f.e_painter11.05.2019 15:19:34

Big Bang. ZERO EVIDENCE 😂🐒🐑 Explosions never create. Only destroy

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