SINNER 🖤  there was a time when women had to choose one or the other - Madonna (@madonna)
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Madonna Online (@madonnaonline)
madonnaonline14.03.2019 03:20:23

N via a hora de postar hj, né mambo! Gent como a gente!

Lisa Anne (@nurselisaxo)
nurselisaxo14.03.2019 03:25:54

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future

madgeluv14.03.2019 03:26:54

Recording the video for the feminist song that will be on your album 🙋🏼🙋🏽🙋🏻

materialgrrrl14.03.2019 03:21:35

You tha OG saint & sinner #twosidestoonecoin  BB 💓

Brian McKenna (@truebluevegan)
truebluevegan14.03.2019 03:22:07

You’re a sinner we like you that way ❤️

Iwillmeetmadonna (@iwillmeetmadonna)
iwillmeetmadonna14.03.2019 07:53:09

Better sinner than hypocrite. LOVE YOU ❤️

tm.ucla.201914.03.2019 03:22:59

Fuck choosing one or the other. 💥

Josh D'Vine (@dvinejosh)
dvinejosh14.03.2019 03:26:24

You showed that it's possible to do both, you have been a saint for me and so many ❤ love you always Madonna ❤

Marcus Sales (@marcussales5)
marcussales514.03.2019 03:21:32


Madonna For Fans (@madonnaforfans)
madonnaforfans14.03.2019 03:26:57


madgeluv14.03.2019 03:25:18


Sunny Samuel Schürmann (@sunnysamuelschurmann)
sunnysamuelschurmann14.03.2019 07:27:17

You are my Soul and my love!!!

Eric (@cicconefreak)
cicconefreak14.03.2019 03:22:57

Love you queen 🌹👑🌹👑🌹

@Adibar1-MbitiousSupporter-NYC (@madonnastattoos)
madonnastattoos14.03.2019 03:27:48

You can do it aaaaall darling!!! 🙌🏻

Madonna Literal (@madonnaliteral)
madonnaliteral14.03.2019 03:50:00

Ansiedade tá forte aqui 😍

Environmental biologist♻️ (@rogsanto)
rogsanto14.03.2019 03:22:09

Queen 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Venus Banuelos | CEO (@venus6irl)
venus6irl14.03.2019 03:20:48

Now, we simply are Goddess and live as tragically and beautifully as we desire. 🌹

alene rodriguez (@imtherealalene)
imtherealalene14.03.2019 03:21:33

@madonna  are you okay??

Gail L. Russell (@megagrrl)
megagrrl14.03.2019 03:27:03


Raúl Quintana (@raul_segoviaa)
raul_segoviaa14.03.2019 03:26:20

New music PLEASE*🎶👑🙌

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