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I’m Emø Trash (@alfie__2003)
alfie__200330.05.2019 18:53:25

When I get a notification saying Linkin Park shared a video I always get a mini heart attack.

H A N (@nabetobe)
nabetobe30.05.2019 18:55:32

wasteland was so fucking good

Derrick Crecelius (@crecelius.derrick)
crecelius.derrick30.05.2019 18:54:11

“Linkinpark posted a video” gave me the greatest heart attack I could have ever had

Linkin Park Live (@lplive)
lplive30.05.2019 19:22:20

In the wastelands of TODAYYYY!!!!! 👊

Akshay Sax (@akshay.sax)
akshay.sax30.05.2019 18:55:28

I will love this band even in all multiverse.❤️😎🎸

Laure Maury (@lauremaury_)
lauremaury_30.05.2019 18:55:23

The reason why you've always been the bests

Kyra (@kyra.sph)
kyra.sph30.05.2019 18:54:39

Lord everytime you post something I get a heart attack😢😂

Janhvi Tiwari (@lp.saves.us.all)
lp.saves.us.all30.05.2019 18:59:15

Mike and Chester have a legacy of leaking stuff beforehand hehe 💓❤️

Austin Zanzinger (@austinzanzinger)
austinzanzinger30.05.2019 18:54:31

The Hunting Party is the best album of all time... Just my opinion

Jana Hamel (@eriks_mommy_0810)
eriks_mommy_081030.05.2019 18:59:21

Da war die Welt noch in Ordnung 😔

Kacie (Linkin Pony) (@kaciekkart)
kaciekkart30.05.2019 18:53:06

On this day 2017 Mike Shinoda posted my art wow, thanks boi

Rico Saputra (@ricolpu)
ricolpu30.05.2019 18:53:45

Please come back 😌

mrellz30.05.2019 18:56:55

Awesome. I wonder who got ahold of these CDs!?🤙

Linkin things in parks (@squishy.shinoda)
squishy.shinoda30.05.2019 18:53:18

And we love him for that

Mark Barnett (@mark_izeda_barnett)
mark_izeda_barnett30.05.2019 18:59:12

Is Chester on it?

Dhruv Bhatt (@iamdhruvbhatt)
iamdhruvbhatt30.05.2019 18:54:03

*Everybody liked that.*

marialp_1130.05.2019 19:33:49


Bernardo Gouveia (@bernardoggouveia)
bernardoggouveia30.05.2019 18:58:59

Lisboa caralho

nawal (@thehuntingparty)
thehuntingparty30.05.2019 18:53:45

of course he did

talking.to.myself (@_talking.to.myself)
_talking.to.myself30.05.2019 18:52:51


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