Currently shooting an assignment that I won’t be able to talk about for a while so instead of an Instagram, here’s a latergram from Paris. Because Par - Kirsten Alana (@kirstenalana)
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Imran Ahmad (@imranahmad2000)
imranahmad200008.02.2019 03:11:36

😍😍👏Nice shot 😍😍

Vivian Grace Ostan (@resilient.vivig)
resilient.vivig08.02.2019 04:06:24

Puglia, Italy ❤️

Bertrand Dugardin (@bdugardin)
bdugardin08.02.2019 09:45:51


R O M A S I M O N E (@romastories)
romastories08.02.2019 12:11:51


Adam Bartash (@adamba12)
adamba1208.02.2019 14:47:51

What a great angle for a catch!

Judy Kim | NYC (
judy.kim08.02.2019 14:47:57

Always a great idea! Paris. Sighhhh

Monica Suma (@monicasuma)
monicasuma08.02.2019 19:29:47

Love this angle, and Yes, Paris is always a good idea. Good luck with the assignment!

Tobias (@flying_tobias)
flying_tobias08.02.2019 19:36:00

Love it a lot 👍😉😎😊

Zahava (@golden2dew)
golden2dew08.02.2019 20:14:02

Really gorgeous work 👌💯

Fotografia comercial e viagens (@bernardoaquino.fotografia)
bernardoaquino.fotografia08.02.2019 22:24:47

Peru. Great people, culture and landscapes

Matt Coleman (@mattcolemanfilm)
mattcolemanfilm09.02.2019 03:57:38


Wined & Taylored (@winedandtaylored)
winedandtaylored09.02.2019 19:29:35


Al Tavares (@alzofrito)
alzofrito09.02.2019 23:54:16

👍 👍

•LuxuryHomes •Lifestyle•Family (@c.h.l.o.e.oc)
c.h.l.o.e.oc11.02.2019 03:21:11

Great ig account 😀

Luxe & Bloom | Curated Gifts (@shopluxeandbloom)
shopluxeandbloom11.02.2019 08:20:23

This is so gorgeous!! Can’t wait to hear more! 💕

Verein Maison Étoile (@vereinmaisonetoile)
vereinmaisonetoile11.02.2019 13:27:50

Like a Rolling Stone :)

Op.Dr.Barış Keklik (@drbariskeklik)
drbariskeklik11.02.2019 14:49:02


Nirvanna Designs (@nirvannadesigns)
nirvannadesigns14.02.2019 15:08:44


Dimitris G. | ☀️🌊🍉 (@dimicubano)
dimicubano15.02.2019 12:51:56

Superb picture!:) nice work

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