Photo of the Day: @camilla.roses played with perspective + snapped this shot in Richmond Park with Burst Photo Mode. 🍁
Challenge yourself to get cre - GoPro (@gopro)
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cL@!r€ (@clllaireeeee)
clllaireeeee11.01.2019 02:31:08

do you have any get started videos for the hero 5 black? just got it and i’m super excited!

Vijayendra sawant || Viju (@advento.vij)
advento.vij10.01.2019 14:00:41

@gopro  ...should i send the gopro raw files (.gpr) or unedited jpeg or final edited jpeg file for gopro awards?

Adam Shenk (@adamridesacrossnz)
adamridesacrossnz10.01.2019 05:34:53

Hey guys @gopro , the display on my Hero 7 Black cracked from pressure in my seatpost bag, what is the best way to deal with this? I love the camera but can’t afford a replacement, and I’m worried about waterproofness with the cracked display.

nicholas.cuellar10.01.2019 04:09:43

Why cant i download go pro studio? Quik is garbage.

claudia turner (@claudiaaturner)
claudiaaturner10.01.2019 03:57:06

Hey my gopros charging port thing snapped off when i was charging it out of a portable charger, is there anyway i could use it underwater anyway? if not what do i do???

Samuel Smith (@samuel_smith14)
samuel_smith1410.01.2019 01:06:36

@gopro  I got the hero 7 black and I tried to update the software by to don't know how to connect to the internet and my gopro both at the same time, how do I do this?

Tyler Thornton (@tyler_skis)
tyler_skis10.01.2019 01:01:08

I was skiing and I cased a drop in the words and hit a rock and I thought I broke my leg again because I just got cleared from a broken knee I had had just bought the new hero 7 black but my gopro flew off my helmet and I couldn’t find it and it was dead and I was going to the er so I could look for it and now I couldn’t find it now I have no gopro and I lost $400 basically but I bought it on amazon with accessories so I didn’t have warranty

el_bolsa_09.01.2019 19:03:44

Hey I got the hero7 black, I know it’s waterproof but would you recommended the super suit when riding on trails to protect from dirt/dust particles? @gopro 

Trevor Hughes (@trevorsgoproexplorations)
trevorsgoproexplorations09.01.2019 18:51:46

do you post these from people that send you photos from their gopro via direct message?

One And Only Jennifer Fields (@nolacajun84)
nolacajun8409.01.2019 17:22:11

@tina_atx10  tell your son to follow GoPro

go.lilianabeirola.pro09.01.2019 17:24:04

Love this kind of shot 🤩🤩🤩

Leonardo Bianchi (@leo_aviator)
leo_aviator09.01.2019 17:15:35

That yellow tho 💛

Cornelia (@corneliawii)
corneliawii09.01.2019 17:57:17

Omg.. photo of the year I’d say:) lovely!

ALANA | Travel + Wanderlust (@alanainwanderland)
alanainwanderland09.01.2019 17:20:03

Wonderful perspective from the ground!! 🤸🏻‍♀️🍁🍂

Mark (@nomadic.mark)
nomadic.mark09.01.2019 17:17:51

That's awesome. I'm definitely giving that a go. Love Richmond Park too.

Kyle Wicks (@k_wicksy)
k_wicksy09.01.2019 17:38:57

Unique angle as always with this camera!

Michael | Adventurer (@mikedkscott)
mikedkscott09.01.2019 17:16:46

Nailed it with this POV! Impressive 🤙🏽

rizalhanifudin10.01.2019 10:05:21

@rizanakmal  ekspetasi

Leo Ugalde (@leo_ugalde19)
leo_ugalde1909.01.2019 17:25:09

😎Mae @irichmond22  que grande Mae 😅no sabia que tenían un parque con tu apellido don Corleone !! Crack

Jade Madeira (@jademadeira)
jademadeira09.01.2019 17:22:07


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