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Dana (@delight65)
delight6514.03.2019 12:21:19

I've seen them for sale at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. So cool!

Nick DiGiacomo (@nickdigiacomo)
nickdigiacomo13.03.2019 06:15:23

Wow man, this is a genius idea to document the other side of something we've all experienced as kids. Also the diagrams are great hahah

Kyle Ortega (@orteganonsense)
orteganonsense13.03.2019 03:26:34

This is the shit. Fucking loving the whole premise. Most bitching will cop

Victoria K. Warren (@victoriarabbit)
victoriarabbit13.03.2019 00:44:48

Venns on point. Take my money.

Kelly Hammond (@kelly_hammond_)
kelly_hammond_12.03.2019 21:14:06

Can’t fucking wait

Michael (@officerjimlahey)
officerjimlahey12.03.2019 18:27:49

Great song

Sabrina Schauss (@sabzi_s)
sabzi_s12.03.2019 17:40:19

I remember dissecting owl pellets in elementary :)

Waveslider-AK Operator (@johnnybmore)
johnnybmore12.03.2019 12:44:46


Jeff Thrope (@coldsplinters)
coldsplinters12.03.2019 12:39:57

Amazing. And I’ve got the exact same truck

Tom Schaar (@tomschaar)
tomschaar12.03.2019 09:40:54

That last Venn diagram is 😂

Sean Ruggeri (@snapamap)
snapamap12.03.2019 07:47:15

Amazing! Such an interesting a worthy subject ❤️

seekinghomeblog12.03.2019 06:24:29

dude. love. this is the coolest story i’ve heard in a while. looking forward to it!!!

Chris Barton (@mostly_notcool)
mostly_notcool12.03.2019 06:12:11

One of the many things that fall under the hashtag natureismetal.

Vanessa Boer (@scoutandwhistle)
scoutandwhistle12.03.2019 05:46:18

I’m in!! 🦉💰🎥⛰

Brandon Wickes (@brandobardo)
brandobardo12.03.2019 04:09:00

those Venn diagrams are ON POINT 🌀

andrewtomayko12.03.2019 04:06:59

Love this project!

ang. (@sageandpaperclip)
sageandpaperclip12.03.2019 03:52:10

When and where can we find the film?💚

mollywoodgarden (@mollywoodgarden)
mollywoodgarden12.03.2019 03:24:55

Ooohh! Owl pellets are ✨magical ✨ I remember finding them as a child... can’t wait to check out Puke!

Kingman (@kingman)
kingman12.03.2019 02:56:48

🤯 can’t wait to see it!

Ryan Wermich (@ryanwermich)
ryanwermich12.03.2019 02:23:38

Venn diagrams really sold me on this one

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